DMC: The Department of Cardiology

Prof. Dr. Abdul Wadud Chowdhury: Head
Department of Cardiology
Dhaka Medical College

The Department of Cardiology of Dhaka Medical College is one of the very high ranked and enriched departments of Dhaka Medical College (DMC). It is situated on the 2nd floor of DMCH-2.

The Department has developed much day by day after continuation of DMCH-2 as per direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. By continued hard work with the Head of the department Prof. Dr. Abdul Wadud Chowdhury and his team, the Department of Cardiology has ushered in a new chapter for the treatment heart patients and cardiology education.

In the department, currently there is a 19-bed coronary care unit (CCU) é continuous cardiac monitoring in each bed, 32 beded post CCU, 6 beded Precath, 05 beded Post cath word.

The department is enriched with various advanced treatment strategies and diagnostic modalities. These are:
1. Coronary and Peripheral Angiogram,
2. Echocardiography: Trans Thoracic (Adult and Pediatric), and Trans Esophageal,
3. Exercise tolerance test (ETT),
4. 12-lead Electrocardiogram (ECG).

Treatment facilities
At present, the department can meet the guideline directed optimal treatment despite of some logistics and manpower limitation. These are:
1. Percutaneous Coronary intervention (PCI): Primary PCI, Permanent PCI, and Temporary PCI;
2. Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT);
3. Pacemaker Implantation: Permanent, and Temporary;
4. Peripheral Angioplasty.

We arrange work shop on coronary angiogram and angioplasty, permanent pace maker implantation. Recently our department has successfully arranged workshop on OVD first time in Bangladesh.

There is a Bangla-Aus Association by which we arrange workshop on Coronary angiogram and angioplasty. Severe poor people are given free treatment every year. This great job has been possible due to untiring efforts of our Head of the Department Prof. Abdul Wadud Chowdhury and great Prof. Dr. Maruf.

We give emergency treatment to a patient é Cardiac emergency such as MI, HF, Arrhythmia, Heart block, Cardiac tamponade. We ensure regular follow up treatment in our cardiology outdoor. Every day our admission unit gives treatment to a patient referred from other discipline.

Academic side
At present there are three courses in the department. These are: 1. MD Cardiology (Residence and non-residence), 2. Diploma in cardiology, and 3. FCPS cardiology.

We have a rich library with Wifi, 100 seated air condition clean room with multimedia and a conference room for academic activities. Every office starts with the morning session just at 8:00 am. All the academic staffs remain present here in time. Besides morning session, lecture class and clinical classes are also held here for the postgraduate students. Guest teachers also attend for giving lecture from different related discipline.

Teaching Staff
The department has one Professor, two Associate Professors, two Assistant Professors, two deputed Junior Consultants and one Registrar. Seminar, lecture and clinical classes are organized regularly.

Technical Staff
As technical staff, the department has one Cath lab technologist, one Cardiographer, official and other staffs.

Research Program
Thesis researches of MD students are to met by themselves under guiding and co-guiding professors.

Extracurricular activities
Among different extracurricular activities, every year Pitha Utsob is arranged by the department funding inspired by the head of the department.