DMC: The Department of Transfusion Medicine

Prof. Dr. Md. Mazharul Hoque
Head, Dept. of Transfusion Medicine
Dhaka Medical College

The Department of Transfusion Medicine is situated in the first floor of unit- 2 of DMCH. The department was established in 1950. This is the first blood transfusion center in Bangladesh. Presently we supply approximately 200 to 220 units of blood and blood components daily. The Department of Transfusion Medicine is one of the most important, well equipped emergency departments among all other department of DMCH.

A) Academic courses conducted by the department
I. MD in transfusion medicine (Residency program)
II. Diploma in blood serology and transfusion (DBST)

Duration of courses
I. MD- Five (05) years d uration with thesis.
II. DBST-Two (02) years duration.

Number of students
I. MD- govt. 2 plus private 1, total 3 students.
II. DBST- govt. 5 plus private 5, total 10 students.
2) Practical and tutorial for undergraduate students
3) Lecture classes for final year MBBS students.
4) Tutorial and practical for postgraduate students, e.g. MD (Pathology, Haematology ) from DMCH, MD and DBST (transfusion medicine) from BSMMU are posted here for 15 days for academic hands on training.
5) Center for MCPS examination of Transfusion Medicine.
6) Assistance of FCPS (Haematology) practical examination.
7) Others: training for medical technologists from different institutes.
There are also five (05) medical officers and one (01) assistant registrar.

C) Treatment facilities
l Selection of donor by qualified medical officer according to WHO guideline.
l Blood collection (only relatives and voluntary donors), storage and supply.
l lmmunohaematology screening, like, blood grouping, cross matching, screening, coombs’ test (DCT,ICT), antibody detection and titration.
l Component preparation (RCC, PRP, Plasma, Platelet conc, Cryoprecipitate).
l Therapeutic phlebotomy.
l Apheresis (Plateletpheresis, leukopheresis)
l Therapeutic plasma exchange.
l Stem cell collection (PBSC)
l Day care transfusion.

D) Lab equipment
Along with the regular equipment for blood transfusion laboratory we also have-
1. Automated blood grouping machine,
2. CLIA (02),
3. Apheresis machine (05).

E) TPE/STEM Cell Collection Room
Well equipped Tully airconditioned room for therapeutic plasma enhance of peripheral blood stem cell collection for 02 patients at a time.

A view of DMC bulding-2 1962.

F) Class room
Well equipped class room with multimedia facilities for fifteen (15) students.
G) Conference room
Aircooled with audiovisual system and capacities for 30 students.
H) Research activities
Evaluation of iron store by serum ferritin in healthy blood donors of Bangladesh.

Relation ship between Serum Iron profile and blood groups among healthy blood donors of Bangladeshi
Equilibration and increase of Haemoglobin concentration after one unit of whole blood transfusion among patients not actively bleeding.

The distribution of ABO and Rhesus blood group among blood donors attending Transfusion Medicine Department of DMCH in 2014.

Assessment of Platelet Storage lesion in Platelet Concentrates prepared by Platelet-Rich-Plasma method after 3 days A. prospective stud, External Quality assessment of TTI Testing in laboratory of 11 district hospitals.

Prevalence of Malarial parasites among Mood donors in selected hospitals of Dhaka city, prevalence of Hepatitis B& C among chronic liver disease patients admitted to Sher-e-Bangla Medlcal College, Barisal.
Transfusion Transmissible Diseases among Healthy Blood Donors attended at Transfusion Medicine Department of DMCH in 2014.

Platelet Transfusion Therapy.
Hepatitis B-virus positive (HBsAg Positive) among the blood donors attended at transfusion medicine department, DMCH, Bangladesh: A one year Study.

Platelet Transfusion almost essential in Post Chemotherapeutic Hematological Malignancy.

H) Extra curricular activities
– World blood donors day.
– World thalassemia day.
– Annual picnic.
– Pitha utsob.

Profile of Prof. Dr. Md. Mazharul Hoque

Prof. Dr. Md. Mazharul Hoque, son of Md. Mahfuzul Hoque and Shahanara Hoque, was born on 16th January, 1971 in Dhaka. He has been working as Professor and Head of the Department of Transfusion Medicine of DMCH from 8th June, 2014.
He passed SSC in 1985 from Hossaindi High School, Munshigonj and HSC in 1987 from Govt. Science College, Dhaka. He completed his MBBS from Mymensingh Medical College and obtained Master’s degree in Transfusion Medicine (MTM) in 2003 from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU). He has been working as Secretary General of Blood Transfusion Society of Bangladesh (BTSB), Treasurer of Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM) Central Committee and Chairperson of Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM) Bangladesh Chapter.

Prof. Md. Mazharul Hoque played a pivotal role in initializing different modern technologies of Transfusion Medicine in government health sector of Bangladesh. His dynamic leadership and dedication to this subject proved himself to be the pioneer of modern Transfusion Medicine in Bangladesh.