DMC: The Department of Virology

Assoc. Prof. Dr Monira Pervin
Head, Department of Virology Dhaka Medical College

The Department of Virology participates in conduction of the undergraduate course for MBBS 3rd and 4th year students with the Department of Microbiology. We give lecture and take tutorial classes on Virology for undergraduate students followed by 2nd Professional Examination at the end of the course.

The department conducts postgraduate course for MD residency courses in Pathology for the block posting in Virology and Diploma course for Pediatrics to teach the relevant Virology in Pediatrics.

Departmental Setup
Professor – 1
Chief Medical Technologist -1
Associate Professors -2
Medical Technologist -4
Assistant Professors -4
Computer operator -1
Lecturers -4

Teaching Activities
Teaching Learning Sessions: The learning objectives of the department is to provide comprehensive knowledge about the cause and mechanism of viral diseases in order to achieve complete understanding of the clinical manifestation, natural history of the diseases, immunology and laboratory investigations for diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Laboratory Services
The Virology Department has been performing tests for diagnosis of Hepatitis B( HBsAg, Anti HBc IgM, Anti HBc total, Anti HBe, HBeAg, Anti HBs titer), Hepatitis C, Hepatitis A , Hepatitis E, HIV and Dengue by ELISA method. During last five years (from 2013 to 2017) we have tested blood samples from 9739 patients for diagnosis of viral infections. Among them 6329 samples for HBsAg, 3655 samples for HCV, 947 samples for HAV, 1019 samples for HEV and 977 samples for HIV.

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Public Health Activities
The Department has taken part in different public health awareness activities regarding emerging viral diseases like HIV/AIDS, Influenza (Avaian/Swinw Flu), Dengue and Hepatities in recent years. The department conducted a seminar on Swine Flu in Dhaka Medical College in 2010. The Department participated in different institutional and international seminars on ‘Virtual Library’, ‘Evaluation of MCQ’ and ‘Biosafety and Biosecurity in biomedical laboratories in developing countries’. Virologists working in the department are contributing expert opinion and technical assistance in HIV/AIDS (NASP), Laboratory biosafety and microbiological laboratory assesment accreditation process. Last year the department worked with Hepatology Department of DMC for the screening program of Hepataitis B and Hepatities C viruses among the stuffs in Dhaka Medical College & Hospital. Head of the Department is working as a member in the national committee for containment of polio virus and for formulation of guidelines for chikungunya.

Profile of Dr Monira Pervin

Dr Monira Pervin is now working as an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Virology, Dhaka Medical College. She received her MBBS degree in 1989 from the Rajshahi Medical College and M. Phil. (Virology) degree in 2001 from the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. She also obtained her Master of Public Health in 2008 from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She joined the Bangladesh Civil Service in Health Cadre in 1993 in 11th Batch. Since then she has been working in field level in union sub-centers, upazilla health complexes and in different Medical College and Health Institutes. She has been working in biomedical laboratories from 1998 and performing diagnostic and research works.

She is involved in different voluntary organizations. She is the General Secretary of the Society of Medical Virologists, Seminar and Research Secretary of JICA Alumni Association, Social Welfare Secretary in 11BCS Forum and a member in Australian Alumni Association. She was elected for different positions in executive committee of JICA Alumni Association 3 times securing highest vote.