DMC: The Departments of Pediatric Surgery and Neonatal Surgery

Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanif Tablu
Head, Department of Neonatal Surgery
Dhaka Medical College

The Department of Pediatric Surgery is situated in the 1st floor of old building of Dhaka Medical College & Hospital (DMC&H) including ward 205, ward 206 and paying bed of ward 203. This department was established in September 1993 with only 10 beds, 1 assistant professor, 2 assistant registrar, 3 nurses and 2 MLSS. We had to share the emergency operation theatre with general surgery and opportunity to operate once in a week for our elective cases.

Our goal is to provide surgical care until the last affected child of Bangladesh.

Faculty and Residents
Since the establishment of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, it has been led by total 7 professors consecutively. Now it has many subdivisions. Department of Pediatric Surgery is headed by Prof. Dr. Md. Ashraf Ul Huq. Department of Neonatal Surgery is headed by Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanif Tablu. Department of Pediatric Surgical Oncology is headed by Prof. Dr. Kaniz Hasina Sheuli. Department of Pediatric Urology is headed by Associate Prof. Dr. M. Moinul Haque

The number of physicians and other staff working in the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Neonatal Surgery, Pediatric Surgical Oncology and Pediatric Urology are shown in the table with their designations.
Two (PSU I & PSU II) Units run till 14th September 2013. PSU III: started on 15th September, 2013. PSU IV: started on 15th October, 2015. Nine different units started on Nov, 2017 in the form of PSU IA, PSU IB, PSU IIA, PSU IIB, PSU IIIA, PSU IIIB, PSU IVA, PSU IVB, PSU IVC that were headed by different faculties.
Special Services Provided
Besides the general pediatric surgery, sprcial services are provided like neonatal surgery, pediatric oncosurgery, pediatric urology and endourology, minimal invasive surgery (MIS), management of DSD.

Present Situation
Today we have got both separate elective and emergency operation theatres. We are doing advanced laparoscopic surgeries. Recently we have been equipped with upper GI endoscope, colonoscope, broncoscope and harmonic scalpel.

The department is taking special care for the DSD patients (ambiguous genitalia). We have about 20 postgraduate students round the year, 50 hospital beds, 6 operative days, 5 OPDs in a week. There are year-round academic avtiities ranging from postgraduate and undergrasduate lectures, clinical classes, ward placements, scientific presentations and journal clubs.

Services provided in the year 2017
1. Patients attended in OPD : 8809
2. Total Admission : 2353
3. Routine Admission :742
4. Emergency Admission :1611
5. Routine Operation :581
6. Emergency Operation : 1268
7. Day Care Surgery : 803

Minister for Health & Family Welfare Mohammed Nasimis handing over baby Suriya to her mother on July 23, 2015, who was bullet-wounded at her mother’s womb in Magura, admitted in in the Department of Pediatric Surgery under Prof. Dr. Kaniz Hasina Sheuli.

Research Work in the Department
1. Comparison between the effect of single drug (propanolol or prednisolone) and combined drug propanolol with prednisolone in management of infantile hemangioma.
2. Comparison between ostomy bag and betel leaf in pediatric stoma care.
3. Comparative study to evaluate the outcome between open and laparoscopic appendectomy in children with complicated appendicitis.
4. Pre operative elective bowel preparation in children with polyethyle glycol vs poethylene glycol and mannitol – a comparative study.
5. Comparison of dartos flap and dartos flap plus spongioplasty to prevent fistula in tubularized incised plate urethroplasty.
6. Comparative study between perioperative chemoprophylaxis vs non- chemoprophylaxis in inguinal herniotomy in pediatric age group.
7. Neonates with surgical problems: pattern, outcome and challenges in selected tertiary teaching hospital of Dhaka.
8. Superficial surgical site infection in comparative study between elective and emergency gastrointestinal surgery.
9. Comparative study between ultrasound guided drainage and operative drainage of appendicular abscess in children
10. Comparative study between tissue adhesive and absorbable suture for circumcision wound closure
11. Outcome of layered versus mass closure in transverse incision during emergency laparotomy in children
12. Comparative study between the outcome of bishop koup procedure and primary anstomosis in the management of jejunoileal atresia.
13. Evaluation of post operative outcome in different surgical management for benign adnexal mass in children

Profile of Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanif Tablu

Professor Dr. Abdul Hanif Tablu, son of late Eng. Abdul Hannan and Mrs. Monoara Khatun, was born on 6th February 1965 in Dhaka. His wife Prof. Dr. Kaniz Hasina Sheuli is also working in the Dhaka Medical College. She is now Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgical Oncology of DMC.
He passed SSC in 1980 from Mohammadpur Govt. High School, Dhaka and HSC in 1982 from Notre Dame College, Dhaka. Then he admitted in Dhaka Medical college in 1983 (batch K40) and passed MBBS in 1989. He joined Bangladesh Civil Service (Health) in 1993 (under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare). He obtained Master of Surgery, 5 years course in Pediatric Surgery in July 2001 from Bangladesh Institute of Child Health (Dhaka Children’s Hospital), University of Dhaka and joined the Pediatric Surgery Dept of DMCH in September 2001.

Prof. Tablu is first Institute Fellow (2010) of FAIMER, Philadelphia, USA which provide fellowship for 16 medical teachers worldwide with 2 years program with a slogan of creating medical teachers for providing good doctors and eventulally the people will get better treatment. He has also obtained Master’s degree on Medical Education, MMED (2013) from the University of Dhaka.

He attended different overseas/ international conferences and training. He did 6 years training in Pediatric Surgery & Pediatric Urology from world famous Boston Children Teaching Hospital of Harvard Medical School, USA in 2004 and Sukoyaka Foundation Fellow, Osaka Children’s Hospital, Japan in 2012. He obtained training in laparoscopic surgery- Basic Course in Laparoscopic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, BIRDEM, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Pediatric Laparo-scopic Training in May, 2010 from Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Bangalore, India. He has published more than 40 articles in different national and international journals.

He is the elected Secretary General, Association of Pediatric Surgeons of Bangladesh. He is also Member of American Pediatric Surgical Association. He is the Secretary General of 11th Bangladesh Civil Service Forum for three times.

He is working now as Professor and Head of the Department of Neonatal Surgery, Dhaka Medical College & Hospital. He is advisor, Journal of Pediatric Surgeons of Bangladesh and international Students’ Advisor, Dhaka Medical College. He is interested in Neonatal Surgery, Pediatric Urology, Medical Education, Clinical Photography. By this time, he has been awarded first prize in Clinical Photography, Bangladesh, 2000.

This is specially mentioned here that the photographs published in this issue on DMC, most of them are provided by Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanif Tablu from his own collections