Dr. M A Wazed Miah: A nuclear scientist with an extraordinary personality

--Md. Shahid Ullah Khandaker Chairman National Housing Authority

30. Sohidullah

Was a pride of Bangladesh. His skill, knowledge and sincerity contributed a lot in bringing the excellence of science and technology in our country. He worked restlessly for the welfare of the people of Bangladesh. I am not worthy enough to write something about this great personality. I think even in future I will not be able worthy enough to write something about him.

He was a brilliant scientist and a dreamer of nuclear power plant in our country. Though he had lived amidst power, never did he take a little advantage of such power in his life. It was very easy for a man like him to misuse power. He worked from his own position. He dreamt to build a nuclear power plant at Ruppur in Bangladesh. In order to increase the excellence of the scientists of our country, he also dreamt to construct a building for the scientist. But the sad reality is that he could not implement many of   his intentions. But, it is true that his contribution in expanding science based education and research is immense.

He was both a brilliant student and scientist. Side by side, he is blessed with many virtues. He was unavaricious, solitary, moral, free from pride, courageous, outspoken, determined, patriotic, ideal, honest, easy and simple, modest, good-charactered, argumentist, free from enemy and overall an ideal man. Many features of his character are still unknown to us.

Many of us do not know that Dr. Wazed got the Associate ship of International Centre for Theoretical Physics, an Italy based research institution at Trieste in Italy. There he was engaged in a research project for six month each time in 1969-1973 an then again in 1983. He was also engaged in post decorate research in Daresbury Nuclear Laboratory in Washington in the USA from November, 1969 to October 1970.

Again, he received higher trainings on nuclear react science under in Karlsrihe in West Germany from 12 March to 24 August in 1975.

He was engaged in research work at New Delhi based Laboratory of Atomic Energy Commission of India during October, 1 to February 1982.

He was selected General Secretary of Bangladesh Nuclear Scientists Organization twice in 1972 and in 1973 simultaneously. He was Chairman of the organization three times simultaneously in 1983, 1984 and 1985. From the years 1985 to 1988, these four years he was the General Secretary of Bangladesh Physics Cooperation.


He became the chairman of this cooperation in 1997 and in 1989 with duration of two months. He was selected in these posts only for his skill and qualification.

He was imprisoned for his participation in the anti autocracy movement. From the years 1989 to 1993, he was selected senior secretary of Bangladesh Science Development cooperation.  And from the years 1994 to 1998, he was selected secretary of this cooperation twice simultaneously.

He was also selected secretary of Bangladesh Nuclear Energy Scientists Organization. Besides, from 1989 to 1993, he was selected secretary of Bangladesh Scientists and Science earning Cooperation. From the list we can guess how honest as a scientist he was!

We can certainly say that because of his sincerity and activities, today Bangladesh is advanced in nuclear science practice. It is because of his efforts, in the field of utilizing nuclear energy for the betterment of people, our country has earned much name and fame in the world.

But it is a matter of great regret that we have failed to show him due honor and respect he deserved from us in comparison of his contribution to this very field in our country. An auditorium has been named after him in Bangladesh Nuclear Agricultural Research Institute campus in Mymensing. But my question to all concerned is that is our responsibility finished here after doing it? We should remember that the country, the nation and the society which cannot show due respect to its wise persons, no wise and virtuous persons are born in that county, that nation and that society. If we cannot respect such sons, we ourselves will leg behind in the competition.

While inaugurating the 1st in Bangladesh and the 29th in the world, our prime minister, the leader of nation Sheikh Hasina said in her speech, “The implementation of this project will fulfill the dream of the father of nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.” She also said,” Life-long attempts of eminent nuclear scientist Dr. M A Wazed Miah will succeed.  And all the people of the nation will get its advantages.”

How right the words of our prime minister were. Dr, Wazed continued his work and made perseverance efforts throughout his life.

While addressing at a function on the singing of nuclear power plant with Russian Federal, our State Minister for Science & Technology, Yasef Osman said, “With the singing of the treaty, we have gone one step ahead in implementing the life-long dream of  Dr. M A Wazed Miah.”

Actually, Dr, Wazed is our pride. We should give much emphasis on the life-sketch, the activities, the books, the essays, and the articles etc of this great scientist so that we can spread the science in the minds of each of our next generation. Thus, our next Bangladesh will be inspired from this and we will be able to go into the way of success and prosperity.