Dr. Wazed Mia: As a man and as a scientist

--Prof. Dr. S M Latif Talukder


Man may come

And man may go

But there are only a few

Whoever glow.

-Graviously in Bangladesh Dr. Wazed Mia, a person in man and mind, who has glorified the country and the world at large by dint of his wisdom, deeds in discharging functions for development.

Md. Wazed Mia was bron in Rangpur on February 16, 1942. To recall, the date marred 16th is a landmark date in the world calendar. George Washington, the First President of the United states of America, was born on Febuary-16 1732. An imminent Educationist and a popular writer of Bangladesh, Shidullal Kaiser who offered martyrdom in the liberation straggle was born on February 16, 1927. The date of 16th December is the Day of Victory for the Banglees. On this very day of 1971, Bangladesh came into being as an independent Nation upon a vigorous liberation struggle thru’  nine months’ at the cost of  thirty lac martyred bloodshed.

During political storm chaos and contusion having quipped with academic ambition, Wazed Mia did his M.Sc with Hons in physics securing First class 1st place at the University of Dhaka in 1962 and earned Diploma-in-Atomic Energy from Imperial College, London and then he obtained the degree of philosoph-a-e, Doctorate (Ph.D) from the University of Durham, London in the year of 1967, where at,  his Thesis for Ph.D had been “High Energetic Nuclear Physics. In this respect Dr. Wazed was awarded a Fellow ship by the International center for theoretical physics in Italy.

Thereupon he successfully performed post -Doctoral Research in Darshtari Nuclear Research Laboratory in Washington U. S. A. There in the States, Dr. Wazed worked as an associate with Noble Prize winner professor abdns Salam.


Dr. Wazed Mia started his professional career by joining the Pakistan Atomic Energy commission for the period 1975-82. He worked also in Delhi under Indian Atomic Energy Commission.

Earlier Wazed Mia had been involved in a bit of political conscience while studying in Dhaka University and suffered imprisonment for two years.

In 1960, Ayub Khan demonstrated Basic Democracy in Pakistan. At that juncture of political hot pot, Wazed Mia becomes enlightened by political ideals of Sk. Mujibur Rahman, the-then dear “Mujib Bhai” to all Bangalees.

Then onwards in a considerable number of Organizations and Associations Dr. Wazed actively participated from time to time and contributed a great deal in different capacities, as Elected Treasure of Dhaka University Fazlul Haq Hall students Union in1960, and Vice-President in the some year. During that very critical day of political tit-boats through Dhaka to Pindi, Wazed Mia was the only elected VP in a Hall Union on the campus of the University of Dhaka.

Outside the campus, Dr. Wazed Mia at different times hold different position in the capacities of : President, Senior Vice-President, General Secretary, Life-Long Member, advisor, founder, respectively in;


w         Bangladesh Physics Association,

w         Bangladesh Science Development Association

w         Bangladesh Scientists and Science living  Association

w         Rangpur District Association

w         North Bengal Peoples welfare greater Development Forum.

w         Bangladesh Journalist Association.

w         Bangladesh Development Forum.

w         Begum Rokeya Memorial Association

w         Basir Uddin College, Rangpur

w         Agricultural Education

w         Jatio Sannannita Unnayan Foundation and in such and such other institutions.

In recognition of his contribution to social services and to the Nation by and large in the field of sciences. Dr. Wazed Mia has been awarded with Sir Jahadish Chandra “Gold Medal” in 1994.

Dr. Wazed Mia has also written down and published out various Articles and a good member of Books regarding Bangladesh affairs, Politics and Government.

A versatile gerius in Educational, political, social and in the scientific world, Dr. Wazed Mia became a favorite choice of Sk. Majuubur Rahman, the great Bangalee of all the time.

In course of time in 1968 Dr. Wazed Mia got married with Sheikh Hasina, elder daughter of Sk. Mujibur Rahman, by the bond of luck.

But alas! the before reaching his old age, the immature death of  Dr. Wazed Mia resounded the most heavy weight in the heart of the nation. The nation mourns his sudden demise describing as an unbearable burden as like as that of the dead body of a son on the shoulder of his father.

President Abdul Hamid in a condolence message disclosed ‘Dr. Wazed Mia has rendered a dedicated lifelong efforts in Atomic Research. Running on the way to scientific culture he carried on a well-run role in our National Politics.

Noble laurete Professor Dr. Yunus has expressed his deep condolence with the speech -” world he (Dr. Wazed Mia) live some days more” he must have won the Noble prize.

Should we reall, Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury, currently Vice-Chancellor of the World University, Dhaka, a former Professor and the  Proctor of Dhaka University, most intimately addressed Dr. Wazed Mia as “Mr. Professor.”

Dr. Wazed Mia if wanted to be, then not only a Professor, but he could be the Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka Univeristy- opined Dr. Mannan Chowdhury along with many a personalities.

Like “Great man thinks alike” as like” as her highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina the world lauded atomic Scientist Dr. Wazed Mia used to wife Books with a view  to introduce people with the world of science and culture. His books have been wormly applauded by all concreted, and have been enlisted as the Text Books at the universities of home and abroad. Some of the Books are to name:

Some thoughts of Science and Technology

Basic super conductivity

Elementary Nuclear Reactor physics.

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics. Fundamentals of  Ekctromagnetic phenomenon.

And some other

On the debating Dais “who is superior between the spouches”.

Her majesty the Prime Minister of England Margaret’s husband was a rich Business man. Before their marriage nobody else outside his family knew, not in the least the name of Mr. Thatcher up-to his death he was happily known as the husband of Prime Minster Margaret.


The “great Queen” titling Queen Victoria’s husband was also a Business man a common Britainian, an inhabitant of the outside of any public palace.

Similar are the cases with Benajir Bhutto and Indira Gandhi. If did not have married with Indira Gandhi of Nehru Family. India, then what to speak of name, fame and familiarity of Feroj; rather Prime Minister Jawharlal Neheru remarked him as ‘that poor Persian: Pakistani’s Benajir Bhutto got married with Asif Jardari, just a member of the general mass, and this much.

Vis-a-vis these evidences, for instance, of the royal matrimonial happenings the case of Dr. Wazed is distinctly different and has a dignified speciality.

Dr. Wazed Mia has got an important personal image in the society and bears a self identification of his own as an Atomic Scientist of highest academic dignitaries including Ph.D and D.Sc.

Dr. Wazed Mia was not only a Scientist a Physicist, a Researcher but he was a philosopher too. To bear in mind: Philosophy is the father of all sciences, in his philosophy- National economic development is powered by competition, and competition is powered by Technology and innovation.

Virtually Dr. Wazed Mia, a handsome sighted person descending from a high aristocratic dynasty in the district of greater Rangapur, has left behind him an exceptional, extraordinary example.

Exceptionally enough, Rangpur has given birth to two personalities: Hossain Mohammad Ershad and Begum Rokeya Shakwat Hossain.

Begum Rokeya is the Prime leader of women’s emancipation and the former President Ershad, Hossain Mohammad who ruled over Bangladesh for about a decade leading the parliamentarian Government.

Gone over with an exception of these great two, any one else other than Dr. Wazed Mia possessing God gifted square fate:

First, an Educationist to the highest esteem and the world known scientist.

Secondly, an ideal political worker

Thirdly, an Organizer, Advisor life-long Member active member and the Founder of so many social institutions, and  to his credit, a credential writer of science and culture in the scientific world.

Far the more, Fourthly, a closest member of the Royal Mansion, Rangpur can ever be able produce!

Promptly the brief life sketch of  Dr. Wazed Mia simply ply reminds us to the name of Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United states of America. Of all the US presidents the most beautiful looking person President Roosevelt passed his usual busiest hours of highest responsibilities round the clock counting to the second.

Second to none, the President referred to here, once continued delivering lecture before the people even upon getting a shot down to his breast. Book was his comrade. Amidst carrying on all kinds of official business, the office might be anywhere under the sky, to have a sigh of relief the President used to go through Books one after another. Nevertheless, this hard working, hardly sleeping. Book worm knowledge-seeking, power probing, world throbbing, President Theodore Roosevelt died a silent dead while in sleeping.

Not in seeping or dreaming in broad open light to the clear conscious sight solely, the prominent Intelligential the learned men and women through the world irrespective of cast and creed felt a thrill at denoting Dr. Wazed as a unique and unparallel.


Parallel to some academicians and unparallel to many ones. one in a core on more, this Atomic Scientist living with science and Technology and modern scientific culture maintain the responsibilities over lots of social  services all the time of his life for the well-being of man in the society towards digital development of Bangabandhu’s “Golden Bangla” the mother land. Bangladesh, Dr. Wazed died an early dead leaving the people in silent weeping.