Encyclopedia of Sandwip going to be published soon

Dr. Hasan Mohammad Prof., Dept of Pol. Sc., CU

Dr. Hasan Mohammad
Prof., Dept of Pol. Sc., CU

Sandwip is a famous historic island in Bangladesh. There are many reasons that have made it famous. It is the birth place of many eminent persons who have enlightened not only Sandwip but also Bangladesh, even beyond border of Bangladesh. Persons like Comrade Muzaffar Ahmed, Balal Mohammad and many others are the sons of Sandwip who have illuminated our society, our country and our nation at home and abroad.
The island has produced many eminent scholars, historians, writers, poets, journalists, educationists, researchers, scientists, physicians, politicians, engineering veterans, businessmen, industrialists and social workers of national and international repute who have made immense contributions to the developments of our country and the world. By their contributions, this island, no doubt, has been part of store of knowledge and science, culture and heritage of Bangladesh.
Due to crisis of proper initiative whether by government or by individual, the elements of this store of knowledge is not duly collected or preserved. One great son of Sandwip, Dr. Hasan Mohammad, Professor of Political Science of Chittagong University, has taken a personal initiative to publish an “Encyclopedia of Sandwip” that would cover the entire historical, geographical, socio-economic, political, literary, academic, cultural aspects of Sandwip, including the individual contributions and stories of success from the persons hailing from Sandwip.

In this connection, Dr. Hasan has drawn the attention of Sandwipees to extend him all-out cooperation and send write-up, article, information on Sandwip and profiles of individuals about their activities and contributions. Dr. Hasan is truly a noble person. As son of Sandwip, he wants to do something special for Sandwip. So, he has taken this noble and rare initiative.

So, it is quite relevant to mention something about Dr. Hasan. Dr. Hasan is currently a Senior Professor at the Department of Political Science of Chittagong University. He was also chairman of the department and was president of Chittagong University Teachers’ Association (CUTA). He became General Secretary of Bangladesh Political Science Association. He is an educationist of international repute. He is a committed researcher and has already published a good number of books and research articles to his credit. He is also involved with a number of socio-cultural and academic institutions.
Of course, his initiative to publish an Encyclopedia of Sandwip would be a masterpiece of knowledge and information about Sandwip. This noble initiative must be inspired. We from The Guardian thank and inspire him and urge the Sandwipees to come forward to extend him all-out cooperation, so that his efforts must be successful.