Fire proof cable can be the only solution for industries, factories, mills and others

--Panna Chand Dugar

Article- 12

Supersign Industries (Electrical) Limited is one of the pioneer, largest, wires and electrical cable manufacturing companies in Bangladesh which manufacturers durable and authentic cables in the brand name of Supersign Cables. It was established in the year of 1963 and producing quality wires and Cables for long 53 years.

We are proud to manufacture various types of domestic cables, LT power cables, HT power cables (Up to 33 KV), telecommunication cables, overhead conductors and instrumental cables according national and international standard specifications. Also proud to announce that manufacturing fire proof cables (Up to 750°C) and short circuit free heat resistance fiber glass cables with world class technology and standard.

We ensure our quality with very qualified and well experienced engineers with latest technology and equipments to test and monitor entire production process. Also we ensure design and quality to improve our quality in every seconds to get the zero defect cable with outmost performance.

Our factory is well equipped with latest controlling electronic device which is automatically and continuously controlled the dimensions of the cables.

The latest RBD drawing machine with online annealing system being added in our production line which reduces the production time and provide uniform annealing throughout the copper wire and get 100% conductivity copper wire.

We have already achieved the first winner of international award for commercial prestige in the cable field of Bangladesh 1991 in Madrid, Spain and Awarded 10th Golden Europe Award for quality in 1996 in Paris, France.

We are also certified of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 also we are proud that we are the pioneer of the first manufacturer of XLPE, HT, fire resistance and fiber glass cable in Bangladesh also we are the first CE mark product certified company in Bangladesh.

We are dedicated to offer our best to the clients end and continuously improving our process and by providing highest quality products with best affordable price.

We are the member of DCCI, BSTI, BEA, BESMS, ANSI USA, WAI USA, TLC Spain, WWI Germany, WI England, NFPA USA with the standard of BS England, VDE Garman, IEC Australia, BDS Bangladesh, CSA Canada, As Australia, UL USA and IS India.

We are one of the prestigious and prominent suppliers of BPDB, DPDC, DESCO, REB, PWD, MES, DCC, CCC, BCIC, BSEC, BIWTC, WASA, CAAB, CPA and BR in Bangladesh.

We are the first manufacturer of FG and FP cables in Bangladesh. Our fire proof and fiber glass cables will protect your home, office, industries, public place, valuable wealth and life from fire.

As per clients requirements we will provide Fire Proof/Resistant Cables which can resist fire temperature of fire proof cables with circuit integrity. Also we can offer fiber glass wrapping PVC/XLPE insulated Cables which maximum conductor temperature 155/180°C without short circuit and insulation life is almost double.

Benefits of Fire Proof Cables

1.         Fire proof cable can carry extra 20% rated load in the time of emergency and can sustain up to 60 minutes.

2.           Fire proof cable life is almost double than FR or normal cables.

3.         Only proof cable can sustained in 750°C flame or fire up to 03 hours with circuit integrated.

4.         Fire proof cable will not short circuit like any other cable existing in the market.

5.         Only fire proof cable can save industry, goods, money and life.

6.         Fire proof cable can give 100% satisfaction without any hustle.

7.         Fire proof cable will not shock or short circuit even there is no insulation during line electricity.

8.         We are manufacturing of 1.5 rm to 630 rm fire proof single and multi core cable.

9.         Only fire proof cable can save leakage current than any other cable in existing in the countries and can save huge amount of money.

We are manufacturing power cables with glass fiber which can sustain more than double life any other cable in the market. There will be no short circuit due to glass fiber cables. It will protect your generator, power plant, transformers, motors and others important machineries. We called industrial safety cables to fire proof cables what is tested and certified by BUET.

Fire resistant cable as defined by fire alarm and emergency lighting in the British standard and the original alternative to mineral insulated cable. It is durable and dress able and very easy to install and terminate using the unique resistant insulation system.

Nowadays in our country electric short circuit and fire is very common and play havoc in the garments, industry and factory with huge losses including human being. Day by day consciousness regarding electric cable is appreciable and only we can be the guard of industrial sector for fire safety and fire alarm.

There are some different Types of Cables Insulation mentioned below

1.         Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable (LSZH) LSZH cable is a special type of PVC insulated cable which cable less smoke and very low corrosive toxic gases during in fire condition but LSZH PVC having very high toxic gases which can the human body and expensive equipments during fire. But it doesn’t protect fire and short circuit.

2.         Low Smoke Fume (LSF) the LSF cables are usually manufactured from flame retardant PVC blended with HCL remove additive and smoke absorbent. The material help improve the fire performance of the LSF cables. It also do not protect from fire and short circuit.

3.         Flame Retardant (FR) Flame retardant cables are designed for use in fire situations where the speared of flame along a cable routs needs to be retarded. Due to relative low cost fire retardant cable are widely used as a normal fire condition. Even if the cable are installed in single wires or in bundles, during a fire, the flame retardant (FR PVC Insulation) will be confined to a small area and reducing the fire hazard due to fire propagation but FR insulation is not fire resistance or fire proof cable and do not protect from any fire or electrical short circuit.

4.         Fire resistance/ Fire Proof (FP) cables are designed to maintain circuit integrity of those in vital emergency services during the fire. The individual conductors are wrapped with a layer of fire protective materials which prevent to create and short circuit phase to phase and phase to earth contract even there is no insulation after burnt the fire resistant cable exhibit same performance even extreme overload of current and under fire with water spray or mechanical shock situation. Even above hostile condition only fire proof cable do not occurr any electrical short circuit.

In overall FG and FP cable is longevity, durable, dependable, economic, tension free, hazardless and trustworthy also price is equivalent to any other normal cables and to use any sector for 100% safety for life, industry, factory, housing and others.