Focus on EEE faculty of BUET

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) is such a world-class institution which needs no further introduction. It has already made a place for itself as a leading institution of academic excellence at home and abroad for engineering and technology education and research.

Currently, the university has five faculties comprising 18 departments, alongside a number of specialized institutes and centres for higher studies and research in different special issues of challenges and developments.

Among these faculties, the Faculty of EEE is one of the largest one of BUET, which is now passing over 40 years of its glorious history of excellence and contribution to the increase of the store of engineering and technological education and research, knowledge and science, advancement and professionalism in our country and the world.

Today, this faculty comprises of the three departments- the Department of EEE, the Department of CSE and the Department of Biomedical Engineering. To cater to the growing needs of the time as well as to meet the challenges of the age, the Faculty of EEE remains committed to fulfil the national and international demands by producing best engineers, teachers and professionals.

Keeping this in view, the high quality members of the Faculty of EEE, led by its Dean, Professor Aminul Hoque who is an educationist of international repute, are working to attain their cherished goal. To focus on these initiatives in detail, we’ve chosen to reflect the overall activities, problems, potentials, achievements, contributions and future plans of the Faculty of EEE of BUET.

We hope the valuable stories, contributed by Dean, senior academicians and other engineering veterans on the EEE Faculty of BUET, published in this issue of The Guardian will draw the special attention of our valued readers at home and abroad.

And we also believe, by reading these stories, the students, teachers, researchers, professionals and others concerned with the activities of planning, production and business of electric, electronics, computer and biomedical engineering and technology sectors will be immensely benefited.

In the end, we wish the EEE Faculty and BUET all the success.