Focus on Management Department of Dhaka University

The University of Dhaka is such an institution that needs no introduction. It has made its own place in history long ago. Behind the advancement of knowledge and science in Bangladesh the institution which played the pioneering role is the University of Dhaka. Alongside this, the University of Dhaka also played the central role in the Language Movement of 1952 which ultimately culminated in the achievement of independent Bangladesh. This is really an exceptional event in history that a university has created in this part of the world. And this is the University of Dhaka.

The University of Dhaka was established in 1921 and started its journey with high reputation and has been able to keep its glory untarnished till today. Currently, it has 73 departments under 10 faculties. The Department of Management is one of the oldest and most famous departments that stared in 1970 under the Faculty of Commerce of Dhaka University.

This department has made its own place in the annals of academic history by dint of its contribution to management education and profession. Since its inception till now, this department has produced about 50,000 graduates. Its graduates are working in various fields including academic institutions, trade, commerce, industries, banks and financial world, public and private sectors and in different arena of life and profession with high reputation at home and abroad.

Realizing this, we feel interested to focus on this department. This is a very potential department. The Department of Management is committed to explore new frontiers of management studies and profession through academic research and development and envisions achieving the highest excellence in the field of management education and profession, with the ultimate aim to be an integral part in the struggle of Bangladesh for attaining sustainable growth and development.

Thus, the Department of Management reflects to share the dream and commitment of the University of Dhaka to the nation. As a result, this department, side by side its undergraduate and graduate degrees, is offering M Phil and PhD degrees and has also started offering some new courses like Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme and Master of Professional Human Resource Management (MPHRM) programme for the first time in Bangladesh.

Keeping this in view, the teachers and students of the Department of Management in close association with each other led by Chairman Dr. M. Ataur Rahman are working hard to reach the department to better heights and achieve the cherished goal. We praise their efforts and wish that they must make a great success.