Gas exploration and extraction activities in costal areas and islands should be taken in priority basis to develop the country

Md. Amzad Hossain

Three- second parts of the earth, is water and one third is land. The present plain lands and low-lands are generally originated from water. Landmass had been formed naturally because of sedimentation. Main stores of oil and gas are normally found at the level of sedimentary rock. The sedimentary rock originates from sedimentation. Bangladesh would develop very soon if oil-gas stores are explored by seismic survey in Vola, Sandwip,  Hatiya, Nijhum etc islands of Bangladesh .On the other hand, a huge population will get work opportunities. Costal belt and islands are a great store of natural oil and gas, Vola is a burning example to prove that. A good amount of gas has already been explored in Vola, Nijhum is an increasing island under Hatiya  upazila. It is asumed that the area of Nijhum will be as big as Bangladesh in near future. As much as one hundred of landmass has already risen from the water level. Forestation activities have been taken on the landmass. Environment of storing oil and gas prevails there cent percent. Because, a good amount of gas has been explored in the same type of island Vola. Plan should be taken to extract gas from the sea through survey conducted by foreign company. Digging operation along with seismic survey could be conducted by the national company BAPEX in Nuijhum and other islands.

Gas transmission is very costly from island to the land. By crossing sea. So fertilizer factories and industries could be set up in the gas discovereg islands. In addition, fertilizer factories on the land could be modernized and shifted to the islands by bringing in variation of use of gas. As a result the gas used in fertilizer factories on the land could be used in production of electricity.

If a remarkable amount of oil and gas explored in Nijhum island, the benefit Bangladesh may get are as follows-

1.    Production of fertilizer and transmission by waters will be easier from the factories set up on the islands by the gas explored there. (there will be no requirement of setting up of gas pipe line through the sea which worth a huge cost)

2.    Modern port city (like Hong Kong, Singapore) could be aerated on the islands by the investments prom foreign investors.

3.    Population and traffic congestion of different cities will reduce if huge work a opportunities created through construction of a modern port city on the eve of Fuel Day.

BAPEX needs to take initiatives to explore the oil and gas in Nijheem island by a seismic survey to materialize the dream of Bangabandhu sheikh Mujiber Rahman.