God and the great Universe

--Prof. Dr. S M Latif Talukder

The universe according to the “Big Bang” Theory came into being with a violent explosion, upon which all matters and energy originated.

At the Zero-hour the entire Universe had been a marvelous Mathematical point of indefinite density called “Singularity” which turned all things into burst out and the universe began to evolve.

The catalystic event occurred as estimated by Huble approximately 14 million years ago. Since then centuries after centuries have passed and with the passing of time innumerable events and occurrences have been facing different debates and dialogues that all of these events were inheritable and have happened eventfully without any great, great Someone who could create all these and that.

No, this is not likely, superseding all debates and tit-bats all hon’ble Philosophers and the great Scientists are in an unanimous opinion with great Greeck Philosopher Socrates who went on with the sacred thinking:

“Man made the Town

But who made Man!”

The answer came from no one other than Socrates himself:  “Know thyself. Know the Creator. That very Creator credentially and momentarily created a large larger space called the Universe. Thereafter into this Universe He has created and has been creating at His  will things after things the great history which, of course, is known to all.

All things such as hundreds of thousand stars, numerous solar systemsy groups of Galaxies (in one of these galaxies our solar system is existing) more than one hundred crore of nebulea have been discovered uptil this day and have been being discovered more and more day by day and each and every nebule is perhaps farming of a circle with a diameter of one height year, far and near to the human eye.

Excluding all these, another celestial element “Haley’s Coment”  by name is visible to human necked eye in the clear night sky within the intervals of 76 years.

All these things narrated here are boarded on this known universe.

Virtually enlightened with all these wonders, more wonders still await for the people of this poor Earth.

Eventually over this sky to our vision there are also six skies stage and upon stage within distances in between and the distance being more than that of the Earth from the human sighted sky.

Certainly and solemnly keeping on our head the Religious theme that sacred miracle of the holy “Mehraj” performed by Prophet Hazrad Mohammad (SM) crossing over the seven skies within seconds, the fact of Relavity of Time and Space in this days of scientific world has been revealed by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and for this great discovery Elbert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for science.

Space is definitely infinite, at least, what we see as a sample form the Earth towards up and upwards.


Onwards for “Time,” Scientist say that they do not know true Time, it is eternal by nature.

Naturally the vast universe of limitless indefinite and unknown boundary is again revolving ceaselessly with a tremendous speed (can’t be countable by the latest devised spectrometer) round a “Twinkling of Light”.

Tiny to the sight but potent in might this deep red brightest flash of light in the flight of Optical Science, far the most is the mightiest source and the roots of all the best strongest energy engaged second to second and to the nuno second in the task of creating all the creations in this universe and into some others (Universe) still unknown to us, the scientists do believer. But the concept of the “Cockpit” which from that very “Twinkling of Light” is seeding and spreading out this ever most forceful energy wonderful and miracle in nature, no science and scientific fiction or prediction can be able to enter into.

Entering into the realm in of Religion all human habitants in the Universe must have the feelings of the theme of religion. Religion speaks of science and God is the scientific head.

God is a circle whose centre is every where and circntermce is no where, no where other than Philosophy. Philosophy, the father of all sciences discloses the fact: “Know thyself. Know the Creator”.

The crowning profound verse spiritually provoked by Socrates reminds us to the ever peaceful shelter, that Goodly thought:

“Prior to the creation of the great Universe; God, the greatest Lord said. “Let there be Light.”