Breeding and Gene

High breeding and gene engineering

Gene engineering, High breeding, Biological research etc. are directly involved in academic studies, in the syllabus of academic course of learners and educand in the higher educational institutions.

By and large of what about, how and why no body knows, only the scientists claims that because of the differences in genes in our physical body, formation of the body, function of the life of man and woman and animals also, are different.

Due to a bit difference in genes there remains a slight difference in height, in size, in eyes, in the clolur of skin and in their life activities too, in spite of being belonging to the same ancestral group.

In each and every cell into the body there has been the existence of DNA where in, the genes determine the external characteristics of life. Laying on this theme the plants life human life, life of the birds and insets are different from each other.

There are again four categories of genes. With the existence of “this four,” three classes of a new thing “condones” by name are formed. Mixture of all these things as recorded above, gives birth to “protein”. This protein is the foundation of all physical and Biological fitness in order to carry on usual function in a befitting manner in case of human being and in strengthening the life of animal and birds’ kingdom.

Covering more than this, from the four categories of genes, a kind of some other materials -“Mutation” is made in, which is responsible for the development of external show-up in the characteristics of sight sound and voice, beauties of body, thickness of hair, colour of hair, curly hair, long and short hair, along with colour-black, white and golden colour of hair.

Here and there in and out of the country, the aim of works regarding genetic factors have been flowing on with a view to achieve an effect of its utilization for the welfare of mankind and of all living beings on and onwards. An ushering of hopes awaits for us that the application and documentation on gene and organic engineering is being increased day by day.

Down from DNA examination in the field of preparing “Forsenic” in the production of “insulin in Industries, for the development of hormones in human bodies, also for drug designing, making vaccine and for yielding crops in an abundant quantity upon high breeding. This would do further practice for the elimination of salt-age and for being freshen up from arsenic imparity and in such and such other fields, and in where not there is the practices of projects, programmes and work activities on genes.

There has been the contribution of our “manpower” in discovering the genetic sequence of jute, that’s the “juton”. Just this “powers” are trying to create a special type of thing in gene and giving priority to yield a big size of paddy, so that the rice only one in number could meet up hunger of rice eating man and woman, that the Bengali people of whom women are more hankering after gold and pearls than paddy and rice.

Next to Diamond, Jewels and pearls, gold is the most precious metal. Modern scientists have developed a devise with the help of which they are now busy yielding gold in the branches of trees, as in the like manner the women wear ornaments, ear rings in their ears. The engineering of some kind of chemical reactions in order to yield gold in the tree is called photo mining.

Criss Anderson, the researcher and an expert in photo mining at the university of Myassi Newz land is said to be the pioneer in this photo mining field of high breeding.

Coming of test tube child in accordance with the wills and choices of parents without sexual attachment of both the sexes, has been a common phenomenon of the day. The last census of world population counts the number of test tube born human to just half a crore.

More than that fact the possibility of “Coming baby” depends upon the choice of male and female partners. The fair sex bears only X-Chromosome while the Chromosome X and Y are to the possession of the opposite sex (that the stronger sex). Mixing of X and X gives birth to daughter and that of the X and Y gives a son or a daughter on the basis of 50% probability, just a chance factor. If the very Y-Chromosome can be made a bit stronger by medical processing then the product must be a male child.

During these days of space travel, the fruit drinks that NASA gives to its astronauts to help them ward of radioactive effects out of earth experiences can effectively reduce the effects of aging. So to move for our anti aging, wrinkle smoothing creams, here a fruit drink that although costs thousands of pounds, help physique look younger.

Recently the scientist of Bristol Robotics Laboratory has discovered electricity by using human urine which is supposed to be mane as urine energy. Ayonist Ajropols a scientist and the physicist at Bristol University of the west of England has informed the media that this is certainly an unprecedented event in this age of science.

At home and abroad, our learners, the Researchers also, while laboring for acquiring, and after acquiring their higher degrees, Diplomas, Ph. D’s are dreaming to bring about a dynamic change in genes by virtue of which a man and women can fly high up in the sky with the help of there two arms (the wings) moving up and down as like as the birds do.

Do it merge to the thoughts and talks of fantasy? Perhaps no, not at all. Dear readers, could you remember of the great Greek dreamer, thinker, a great philosopher and of course the first ever Psychologist in the world, Aristotle, who once (during the period of 350 Before Crist) advocated that one day man of this our earth would move up to the Moon in man and mind.

Not ever moving up to that Moon man of today are working tirelessly in facts and figure, in men and machine to and fro although over the Moon. They are dragging her grand, planting trees so to say, in the hope of blooming flowers in the great high sky.

Great efforts of the man of today momentarily. graciously and truly marches towards Mars, that the orange colour planet Mars which is located at (only!) three hundred lacs of miles from ours.

Charles Darwin (1808-1882), a British Scientist, father of “Theory of Evolutionism” after he expounded the explanation of his theory the political scientists constructed. Theory of “Social Darwinism” and this contained to bravely the fate of fantasy.  Intelligence can be increased, Heart, kidneys are being transplanted, plants can be high breaded. Likewise Biological Science argues that it will be possible within the nearest probability to promote desirable changes in the character, temperament, in tactics and policies of politics of a person by pushing injection in to the body and by some how medical practicing and functioning.