Human brain: A miracle

Miraculously enough of all the mysterious aspects of the known universe the sophistication and the puzzling nature of human brain” indisputably rank up the first position.

Aristotle (784-322 B.C), the first ever psychologist thought and properly understood that the brain is a secondary organ and acted as a cooling agent for the heart, which according to his opinion is the centre of human intellect.

Intellectually human beings have come a long way since the primitive age up to today’s computer age. The subject matter here, whether the human brain is smarter than a modern computer.

Consciously ceaseless efforts of the researchers have made us known too, about the two hemispheres of human brain that, the right one which is responsible for creative insights, intuitions, sensibility and pattern recognition controlling the left side of the body, while the left hemisphere of the brain which organizes the rational, analytical and critical thinking process, controls the right side of the human body.

Not a matter of mere talks in general, the brain generates 70,000 thoughts daily in every human being.

By and large experts in this line of study believe that the total number of in formations content in the human brain upon expressing in bits, will properly be comparable to the total number of connections among the neurons amounting to in round figure 100 trillion bits.

It is clearly understood that the brain has a processing capacity of 0.1 quadrillion instructions par second . Perhaks it needs to be realized that the computational power of the brain is difficult to ascertain as the human brain is not so easily paralled to the binary numbers.

Studies have further found that if all these informations are penned down then the data will fill up some 20 million volumes of  books which means that each and every one of us has an equivalent to 20 million books worth of informations stored up in our brain organ.

Organization of the complexity of human brain parallels to that of the grand design of the cosmos itself. Indeed mankind has turned up to the present state and certainly have endured a lot more and much of the ancient wonders of Nature that left this wonderful planet so many millions of years and eras ago.

The brain which took over a million years to develop, evolved from inside out of all men and women. The oldest part of the brain, the brain stem conducts our most basic Biological function-the fact of breathing, the tempo of heart rate along with their psychological systems- that are independent of conscious brain function.

Functionally the time factor is such a pensive state that leads to eminent products, eminent to the highest esteem like Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity”, Led Zettlin’s stare way to Heavin”. Where the Heaven is, and where there is hell all is lying within the brain of human; man and woman. Ominous to man, G-man of brain do not use even 10 percent of their brain or less than that which is what! a common hesitation and doubt.

Undoubtedly the Experts do believe that despite numerous unsettled mysteries of the brain, mysteries beyond imagination on the part of the common brain of the common people, every pinpoint part of the human brain has got a Godly purpose.