Israil Miah: The profile of a different politician

Alhaj Md. Israil Miah: Politician and Businessman

Alhaj Md. Israil Miah is a dedicated politician and resides permanently in his locality, Kishoregonj Sadar. He is committed to ensure welfare of the people of his area. Keeping this in aim, he seeks support and blessings of the people of Kishoregonj for the upcoming national parliamentary election. He had an interview with this reporter of The Guardian. While talking about his life, we came to know various things about his personal and political life. This interview is published here so that our valued readers may know about this icon in political arena.

He joined BNP in 1985 when he was a student of class nine. He has shown his skill and performance and with the passage of time, he was elected a VP of Kishoregonj Gurudoyal Govt. College in 1994. After crossing all the stairs of politics successfully one by one, he became Organizing Secretary of Kishoregonj District BNP in 2011. In his long political life, he was arrested several times. He is well connected with the senior leaders of BNP. He is also very close to former minister Mirza Abbas, who also hails from Kishoregonj.

Among the candidates including Mr. Israil who are expecting nomination of BNP in the coming national parliamentary election, he is a permanent dweller of the district. As a pious man, he performed Hajj earlier. He comes of a respectable Muslim business family. His father Late Aiub Ali Bapary was a social worker and an affluent businessman. From his boyhood, he remains associated with business. He has a brick business by the name of Star Brick. Besides this, he has another business of construction, named M/S. Niti Construction.

His one brother is the chairman of the business forum in Kishoregonj district. Another brother is the Secretary of Pouro BNP and member of district BNP who was elected chairman of the Pouroshava twice. Another brother is the member of Kishoregonj Chhatradal.

He is a member of various business, social and political organizations. He keeps a good relationship with the grassroot level of the society. So, he knows what to be done for the poor villagers as well as to change the overall development scenario in Kishoregonj district. He hopes, in the upcoming national parliamentary election, BNP will nominate him for the seat, Kishoregonj -Sadar. Thus it will pave the way to develop the area. He gives the assurance that if he is nominated and elected he will make a society which will be full of facilities and free from all kinds of injustice. He wants to do something for the poor villagers and to root out terrorism, to make the area happy and peaceful for the people.