Issue of Maps and Geospatial Data

--Major Md Abdullah-Al-Hasan, In Charge-MRIO

13. Major Hasan

Map Reproduction and Issue Office is the custodian of printed maps and act as an outlet. It is the last end in the chain that enable an individual or an organization to receive the product of SOB.  MRIO receives maps from printing press of SOB and stored for further distribution.

Different types of maps and data are available at SOB. There are  two categories: Classified and Unclassified. Classified maps, both hard and soft copies are restricted maps. These maps are mainly used by Armed Forces along with Security Forces. However, these maps can be issued to other Civil Organizations too. For that matter, prior permission from Surveyor General is necessary and are priced as approved by Government. Unclassified maps are the 1:25,000 topographic maps (open series), Administrative maps, Communication map, City guide maps, Upzilla maps etc. These are open to all and priced as approved by Government. These are available at both hard and soft copy.

Prices are available at SOB web site ie Further to mention that 1:500000 scale has total 06 sheets, 1:10,00000 scale has 04 sheets, 1:50,000 scale has 267 sheets, 1:25,000 scale has 988 sheets and 1: 250000 scale has total 27 sheets covering the whole country.

SOB is now equipped to provide both hard and soft copy of maps. Hard copies are usually printed at A1 size paper and soft copies are available at pdf, shp, dwg etc formats. It may be mentioned that  updated maps are very much informative, immensely useful and can contribute to planners, engineers, environmentalists, social analyst, navigator, trackers, scientists and so many other professionals as well as all class of people who need for making important decisions on any developmental work.

Apart from maps, this particular office is the safe keeper of various official forms which are used for in house functions and running the administration.

SOB has entered to digital era. All relevant geospatial data and updated maps are now available; however, updating of map is a continuous process. SOB has planned to produce different kind of maps with more appropriate information. In near future, it has plan to produce maps down to Upzilla level.

It is to mention that being a developing country, Bangladesh posses a modern mapping organization that is rare to many countries. This organization can be very much useful to many other government, autonomous and private organizations like R&H, WDB, LGED, Universities and Private Survey Companies.