Kamlapur Railway Station: Transforming as multimodal transport hub


Md. Monirul Islam Firozi Director (Procurement) Bangladesh Railway

Kamlpur is the central Railway Station of Dhaka as well as the Country. The station is largest and most important gate way of the capital city. It is also one of the modern, impressive and dignified structures for the country. There was only one railway station in Dhaka named Fulbaria. After partition of Bengal, Dhaka became more important center and Kamlapur selected as central Railway station. At the beginning of 1960s Kamlapur was started to establish as Railway station and opened in 1969. Kamlapur railway station is not only a simple station. Here operating an Inland Container Depot (ICD). There are locomotive workshop, Carriage workshop, carriage washpit, automatic washing bay, railway hospitals etc. At present about 80 thousand passengers are directly handling daily.

Present Status
Now government has decided to convert Kamlapur as Multimodal Transport Hub (MmTH). The project will comprise of Multimodal Hub Squire, High-Speed Railway, Conventional Railway, Mass Rapid Transits, Inner and intercity Bus Terminal, MRT Line-1,2,4 & 6; Elevated expressway etc.

Figure: Basic Assumption of Kamlapur MmTH [Source: BR and SWG “Kamlapur MmTH”]

A Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed between Bangladesh and Japan Government on 15 June 2017. Four projects are decided to implement under Policy for Implementing PPP Projects through Government to Government (G2G) Partnership, 2017. The Kamlapur MmTH is one of those projects.

l For the process of projects for the implementation, under G2G format, first Bangladesh-Japan joint platform meeting held at Dhaka on 6 December 2017. The 2nd platform meeting held at Tokyo, Japan on 7 June 2018.

l In 2nd platform meeting the private investor of Japan has shown interest to invest on the project.
l Separate Sub-Working Group has been formed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tourism (MLIT), Japan

l Kajima Corporation is the leading agency of Sub-working Group. Other members are Urban Renaissance Agency (UR), Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd., Sojitz Corporation, OBAYASHI Corporation, Marubeni Corporation (Observer), JICA (Observer), Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Cooperation for Transport and Urban Development –JOIN (Observer), MLIT (Focal Authority).
l As per outcome of 2nd joint platform meeting Bangladesh Railway and Sub-working Group has been prepared a conceptual frame of the project which is presented at 3rd Bangladesh-Japan joint platform meeting held last 21 March, 2019 in Dhaka.

Future Transformation

The project will be comprehensive and high breed Public Private Partnership Project. It has to be implemented by phasing. At present concept has been prepared. A details study for advancement is mandatory. Now Bangladesh Railway, Public Private Partnership Authority and Sub-Working Group are working for next action plan. Hopefully the physical construction will be start at 2025 and will be finished at 2032. Now it is reality; the Kamlapur Railway Station is going to be transformed as Mutimodal Transport Hub (MmTH) to serve the nation.