KGDL: An overview of planning, development and marketing activities

--Engr. Firoz Alam

6. Engr

Through detailed survey in the possible area for gas distribution network, network design along with financial analysis is performed. If the project is considered to be a feasible one, then pipe line of desired size will be constructed.

2) Enlistment of contractors

Following the PPCR section for gas pipeline construction schedule, contractors of different categories are enlisted.

3) Design and construction of Regulating and Metering Station

CMS, RMS, DRS of different capacity are constructed following proper engineering specification.

4) Land acquisition

For constructing new pipeline, necessary steps are taken to acquire land.

5) Civil & electrical construction

Building construction with necessary electrical works, repair and maintenance of existing establishments is performed.

6) Environment & Safety

Considering environmental aspects and safety standards, different gas installations are regularly monitored and, if needed, necessary steps are being taken under the guideline of Natural Gas Safety Rules.

On-going activities

Civil Construction

1)         The vertical extension work of company’s head office from 4th to 8th floor continues.

2)         Installation of two lifts in the head office.

3)         In Chandgaon Officers’ Residential Area, one five storied building recently being demolished to construct a ten storied structure over there.

4)         The existing living apartments in Fouzderhat is being renovated and maintained for the officers.

Electrical Construction

1)         Internal electrification works of KGDCL head office (from 4th to 7th floor).

2)         Construction of 800 KVA Electric Substation at head office.

3)         Repair and maintenance work of existing 220 KVA gas generator.

Enlistment of Contractors

In 2011-2012, 255 nos. of contractors have been enlisted in KGDCL as

1.1 and 1.2 category.

Pipeline Construction

During FY 2011-12, 13.81 km distribution pipeline having diameter ranging from 3/4? to 8? was constructed (including pipeline shifting) against the target of 24.47 km.

Structure of Planning and Development division

Pipeline & Civil Construction and Planning departments take the responsibility of carry out above mentioned responsibilities. Moreover, Environment and Safety section deals the environmental issues under the guideline of Natural Gas Safety Rules.


Government’s restriction on new commercial and industrial connection almost brings to a standstill the construction of new distribution network. Besides increasing gap between gas demand and supply in Chittagong area due to transmission limitation from national grid line makes the situation more intense here causing sufferings to the consumer. On an urgent basis, Petrobangla should take the initiative of supply enhancement in Chittagong region to meet the growing demand of gas here. Once gas is available, new network may be constructed and existing network, wherever needed, will be modified.

Marketing Activities

1) Looking after new gas connection procedures

Marketing Division receives application from a new applicant for gas connection. After receiving application, company representative visits the proposed site. Service line and internal line must be constructed with approved design of the relevant authority by company’s enlisted contractors. Entire procedure for connection has been guided by Gas Marketing Policy-2004.

2) Preparation of Gas consumption statement

Company’s officers collect the meter reading physically from customers’ premises and prepare monthly consumption statement. Then the consumption statement has been sent to Revenue department for making gas bill. Revenue department sends it to customers’ end.

3) Providing Customer services

Marketing division takes initiative to meet-up customers’ different requirement, such as-load enhancement/cutback, appliances change/shifting, load pattern change, line shifting etc. under the guidance of Marketing policy-2004. Customers’ any complaints regarding gas supply instantly forwarded to Engineering Service division and taking necessary supports from them, marketing division try to solve the problem within shortest time.

4) Implementation of Government’s directions

Government imposed restriction on Industrial and commercial gas connection on 21.07.2009 as the country were facing huge deficit between demand and supply. Domestic connection was also stopped from 13.07.2010 for the same ground. Recently Govt. lifted the imposition on domestic category with some conditions.

To secure energy safety for future generation, Petrobangla urges gas consumer

a)         To use fuel alternate of gas;

b)         To use energy efficient appliances.

KGDCL complies Petrobangla/concerned ministry’s direction accordingly.

Performance in FY 2011-12

1) In the fiscal year 2011-2012, KGDCL’s category wise customers’ no. and the percentage of gas  sales are depicted below:

2) Apart from gas connection and customer related services, marketing division conducts operation against defaulted and illegal gas users on a regular basis. In the fiscal year 2011-2012, 595 gas connections have been disconnected and company realized Tk.36.80 million as unregistered gas bill and Tk. 12.30 million as fines. Along with company’s own team, executive magistrates with the help of law enforcers conduct operation against those illegal users under Bangladesh Gas Act-2010.

3) Turbine meters with Electronic Volume Corrector (EVC) measure gas consumption taking into consideration of real time Pressure, Temperature, Super compressibility factor. These meters are being set up on the CNG customers and load intensive industrial customers Regulating and Metering Station (RMS). With improved accuracy, these meters also record event data for long time and facilitate gas suppliers (KGDCL) to analyze customers’ gas consumption behaviour. As a result any ill motive to take away gas illegally by the dishonest user will easily be traced.

4) To prevent misuse of gas by the domestic users, step has been taken to install 20,000 pre-paid meters at domestic risers with the technical support of BUET.

Gas Distribution Network

At City Gate Station, Chittagong, gas from BKB-CTG transmission line has been feed to Chittagong Ring-main at 360 psi pressure. Ring-main is a balanced network of 35.10 m length loop line surrounding Chittagong city. Bulk customers are connected directly to this ring-main, while HP DRS reduces the pressure to 10/4 bar. Industrial customers receive gas from 10/4 bar distribution network and commercial/domestic customers get from 4 bar network. KGDCL has a total of around 2900 km length distribution network.

24/7 Service

KGDCL has an emergency control room which operates 24 hours a day. Any complaint regarding gas shortage at customers’ end, supply obstruction, fire hazards due to gas leakage etc. Company’s personnel attend the spot immediately to solve the problems.

Structure of marketing Division

KGDCL’s franchise area consists of Chittagong district and Rangamati hill district. This area has been divided into 2 sales department-Sales (North) and Sales (South). Rauzan, Rangunia, Hathazari, Chandraghona, Patya, Anwara, Boalkhali, and some portion of Chittagong metropolitan area are in Sales Department (North), while Sitakundu, Mirsharai, Halishahar, Pahartali, Agrabad, Patenga distribution area constitute Sales Department (South). Each Sales Department is subdivided into 4 zones. The above mentioned responsibilities are performed by these 2 departments.


Chittagong is the commercial capital of Bangladesh. Entrepreneurs from home and abroad will certainly invest billions of dollars here if they have been provided with necessary energy infrastructure. Chittagong needs 400 million of gas daily, where as the supply stands only at 185-190 million. So what’s the result? Undoubtedly, stagnant industrial growth with huge unemployment! The authority may consider the following measures-

Short-term: Installation of compressors in the Ashuganj-Bakhrabad & Bakhrabad-Chittagong transmission line to boost-up line pressure. Long-term: Construction of 30″Ø transmission line between Ashuganj-Chittagong, import of LNG.