KGH: Department of Anesthesiology

--Dr. Md. Akhtar Ahsan


Anesthesiology is a department that lies at the backyards of the patient management system of a hospital. Anesthesiologists are concerned only when a definitive treatment of a disease is formulated for the patient in terms of surgery. Anesthetists have to provide anesthesia on request from a surgeon.  Anesthesia is a highly technical and critical procedure. In raw hands it may become life threatening to the patients. So a full preparation in terms of manpower, equipment’s and expertise is mandatory before instituting any anesthetic procedure.


Kurmitola General Hospital was formally inaugurated on may 13, 2012. Out patient Department service started in November and indoor service a few months later. But it was not until the month of September 2013 when the first patient could be operated under anesthesia. There were several but the main constraint for this delay was the shortage of expert manpower. For more than one year from the beginning of this hospital there was only one anesthesiologist to be posted. Also there was shortage of equipment’s and medicine. Aanesthetic gas supply came to operation in july 2013. In this month Dr. Jahir, junior consultant of anesthesiology joined the department shortly followed by anesthesiologist Dr. Reaz and junior consultant Dr.  Shahjad. OT nurses and OT boys were also available in august. The first anesthesia in the history of this hospital was given on September 1, 2013 to a patient undergoing excision of a discharging sinus of foot operation. since then surgeries are being performed on regular basis. General surgery, Gynecology, ENT and Orthopedic surgery patients were mainly operated.  Until now only scheduled operations like herniotomy, cholecystectomy, appendisectomy SMR, tonsillectomy, elective caesarian section, D & C, and orthopedic operations were done in the morning office hours with the provisions to obtain emergency blood supply from CMH,  Dhaka Cantonment in case necessity arises.. A few operations of emergency caesarian section were also performed by our expert gynecologists. But a full scale Caesar OT for 24 hours and severe road traffic accident can only be done with full facility of a blood bank. Also sufficient manpower is required to run a 24 hour shifting duty roster.

At present the three operation theatres of emergency department in the ground floor are used for this purpose. Finishing touches are going on for a 3 bed ICU ward and 18 bed HDU ward in emergency department near the emergency operation theatres. Besides the emergency department, the ground floor will also accommodate the ‘Trauma Centre’ and the ‘Burn and Reconstructive Surgery Unit’ in future. The main OT complex is situated on the 3rd floor with 10 theatres. This OT complex is at its final phase of completion. A couple of emergency Caesar OTs will also be set by the side of the labor wards. A 50 bed ICU complex has been proposed in this hospital. When goes fully operational, it surely will be the biggest ICU complex of the country.


The picturesque Kurmitola General Hospital is situated in a strategic position where it can serve the patients of northern Dhaka specially Uttara, Ashulia, Tongi, Gazipur and other areas. Specially to mention the vast number of garments workers living here who had little access to proper medical service will sure be benefitted by this hospital. Airport road is one of the most accident prone road in Dhaka  beside which this hospital is situated,. The trauma center of this hospital will surely do a great job to serve the RTA patients. With the completion of the OT complex with total 15 operation theatres and proposed 50 bed ICU this hospital is going to be one of the most vital centers in the field of treatment services in this part of the city.