KGH: Department of Dentistry

--Dr. Binay Kumar Das and Dr. ANM Nazmul Haque


Kurmitolla General Hospital is a well furnished, good looking clean as well as a graded government hospital in Dhaka city. It is situated in Dhaka cantonment area beside the Arm Force medical college hospital and army golf club. Though it is present in the cantonment area there is no restriction to get service for the general people from this hospital.

Now a day’s slogan in our country is Health for all. Present government is highly committed to give the supreme health facilities to the people. The government is trying to reach the health service to the door of all of the people. With the views of this and solve the above condition established Kurmitolla General Hospital. This hospital serves the multidisciplinary service to the people like Medicine, Surgery, Gynae, Ophthalmology, ENT etc. and also Dental department is one of them.

Dental department is well furnished and highly decorated with latest surgical equipped. Modern surgical equipment in the dental department including two high quality autoclave machine  for sterilization, two fully electric chair for patient examination and dental procedure, two ultrasonic scalar, one RBG machine, apex locator and other endodontic instrument, one electric micro-motor with cooling arrangement is present here for dental implant procedure.


Dr  Binay Kumar Das

Dental surgeon- two

Dr Nazmul Haque

Dental technologist – two

They are trying heart and soul to give the dental health service within their ability.

Type of service from this department

w         Endodontic treatment- Root canal treatment, pulpotomy, pulpectomy.

w         Conservative treatment – Glass ionomer, Light cure and Alloy filling.

w         Periodontal treatment – Scaling, Root planning.

w         Surgical treatment- Normal extraction, surgical extraction, surgical procedure for jaw bone fracture, Jaw cyst and tumor.

Others procedure which is done

r           Emergency trauma management

r           Drainage of abscess

r           Biopsy taken

r           Jaw fracture management

r           Surgical excision of benign tumor

r           Surgical enucleation of cyst.

Future plan

I do have some great fascination to develop my own department for the sufferer patients like Dental implant procedure, Cleft lip-palate surgery and Oral cancer surgery.


Both external and internal environment of this hospital is very well. The number of patients of this hospital in each department is increased sharply due to the cause of energetic, speedy, co-operative leadership and highly qualified doctors. If the authority appoint new doctor, consultant and supply few deficient instrument it is possible to do the above mention procedure in future.