KGH: Department of Dermatology & Venereology

--Dr. Rebeka Sultana


Kurmitola General Hospital is a centre of excellence and the department of dermatology and veneriology is an individual department since its inception (13th May 2012). It is very rich in infrastructure and highly skilled manpower. This department is well equipped and perform different types of activities for both indoor and outdoor patients. Outdoor services of this department started from 10th October, 2012 and indoor facilities from 20th October, 2013 respectively. Dermatosurgical and aesthetic procedures are going on since November, 2013.

Clinical, Surgical and aesthetic procedures are performed by some efficient and enthusiastic specialist doctors. All types of admissible dermatological cases are handed with special care at inpatient departments. A huge number of patients are also served at outpatient department in orderly manner without any chaos. General people come to this department with great hope to avail the treatment of not only their skin and venereololgical problems but also their psychosexual disorders. They seem to be very much satisfied with the services of this department. Number of patients attending OPD has been increasing enormously.

Available machinerise of this department are as follows

Skin pp

a)         A complete and enriched set up of minor operation theatre.

b)         Another separate air conditioned room for sophisticated machinaries such as.

i)          Nd: YAG LASER.

ii)         Intense pulsed light.

iii)        Microdermabrasion.

iv)        Wood’s Lamp.

c)         An electrocautery machine for various electrosurgical procedures like electrosection, electrodessication and electrocauterisation.

Present Capabilities

At present manpower working at this department are as follow:

Junoior Consultants

1)         Dr. Rebeka sultana

2)         Dr. Farjana sultana nur

3)         Dr. Shiropa Islam

Medical Officers

1)         Dr. Imran Ahmed

2)         Dr. Shahnaj Parvin


1.         Staff Nurses: 01

2.         Medreal assistant: 01

3.         MLSS: 01

In Door: Indoor facilities consists of10 beds. Among these 6 beds for male patients and 4 beds for female patient.


Out Door: Daily turn over of patients at outdoor is on an average 200.

Minor OT: Following dermatological procedures are practised in minor OT

1.         Skin Biopsy for histopathololgical examination as a diagnostic procedure.

2.         Complete Excisional Biopsy as a therapeutic procedure for cutaneous tumor, mole etc.

3.         Punch Biopsy for specific skin disease like sceroderma.

4.         Nail Surgery and nail matrix biopsy.

5.         Intralesional Injection of steroid for keloid, Hypertrophic skin lesion, Alopecia areata.

6.         Electrosection for viral wart, Skin tag etc.

7.         Electrodessication for DPN, seborrhoeic Keratosis.

Cosmetic & Aesthetic surgery

We live in a beauty concsious society. Infact, since the turn of century, the global advertising community has pushed the idea that “Beautiful is better.” We are helping the general population by giving cosmetic and aesthetic surgery like-

1)         Microdermabrasion for melasma and hyperpigmented lesion.

2)         MCD for striae, scar, photodamage, wrinkle.

3)         IPL for excessive and unwanted hair epilation.

4)         Nd. YAG LASER for freckles, nevus, haemangioma.

5)         Electrofulguration for freckles, lentigo.


Psychological assurance, counsellling and management also given to the patient of psychosexual disorder with great patience and sympathy.

Patient Statistics

Total: 18278.

Distribution of patient according to sex in last 1 year.

Variation of skin Diseases

Diseases commonly encountered at outpatient department are scabies, fungal infection, Eczema, Acne, Melasma, contact dermatitis, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Seborrheic dermatitis, Pityriasis Versicolor, Prurigo Wodularis, Onychomy-cosis, Vulvovaginal candidiasis, Pityriasis rosea, chronic Arsenicosis, Vitiligo etc.

Some uncommon or rare diseases has also been managed in this department like drug reaction, Vasculitis, Parapsoriasis, bullous dermatitis, cutaneous tubenculosis, leprosy, HZV, panniculitis like erythema nodosum, melanoma, SLE etc.

Most of the children come with the problems of Scabies, Atopic dermatitis, impetigo, Phrynoderma, Candidiasis, Chciken pox, Molluscum contagiosum, Tinea capitis, numular Ecrema, Erythema toxicum weonaforum, contact dermatitis etc.

Venereological and psychosexual disorders

A large number of male patients come with veneriological and psychosexual diseases like Gonococcal Urethritis, Nongonococcal urethritis, Gentital herpes, Molluscum contagiosum HIV, Erectile dysfunction, Premature eiaculation, libido problems, sexual pervertions etc.

Academic Cases

Several academic case were managed at inpatient department. Among them some mentionable case are as follows;

a)         Reiter’s syndrome

b)         Darier’s discase

c)         Milroy’s discase

d)         Steven jhonson syndrome

e)         Exfoliative dermatitis

f)         Genital ulcer

g)         Psoriatic arthropathy.

h)         Small vessel vasculitis

i)          Tuberculosis verrucosa cutis

At outdoor some academic cases were as follows;

a)         Neurofibromatosis

b)         Xeroderma pigmentosum

c)         Peutz jeghers syndrone

d)         Hereditory Dyschromasia Universalis

e)         Ichthyosis vulgaris

f)         Neurotic excoriation

g)         Angiokeratoma

h)         Haemangioma

i)          Malignant melanoma

j)          Squamous Cell carcinoma

k)         Basal Cell carcinoma.

l)          Mycosis Fungoides

Short History Of 1st Operation

Skin Biopsy was done for the first time in the minor OT of this department on 27 october,2013.Biopsy material was sent for histopathological examination at AFIP& it was diagnosed as a case of Darier`s Disease. Before coming here the patient suffered for a long time for this problem but did not get proper treatment as his disease was not accurately diagnosed. He was improved after getting treatment & became symptom free within a short time.

Future Horizon

In future we are expecting to organize the department in a newer spectrum with latest investigation and treatment facilities. Our future activities will therefore, revolve round the following:

a)         To develop more admission facilities at inpatient department with all types of dermatological emergency management capabilities like TEN, SJS Acute Urticaria, severe atopic dermatitis, Necrotizing fascitis etc.

b)         To do more dermatosurgical procedures by using the following equipments  :

w         High Frecator Electrocautery machine

w         Cryosurgery,

w         Phototherapy,

w         CO2 laser

c)         To provide dermatopathological faciiities:

w         Fungal skin scrapings

w         Fungal culture

w         Histopathological examination

w         Immunofluroscense test like DIF, IIF.

d)         To establish Immunology and allergology wings

e)         To enhance  more aesthetic or cosmetic capabilities like chemical peeling, filler, sclerotherapy, Botox injection, mesotherapy, radiofulgaration, lipolysis, resurfacing, hair transplantation, breast augmentation etc.

f)         To develop research activities.

g)         To develop nationally recognized training facilities for post graduate students which is possible with existing setup.

h)         To start post graduate courses like DDV, MD and FCPS by changing some infrastructure.


The department of dermatology and venereology is dedicated not only to provide health care services but also aesthetic enrichment for poor and general population. The moto of this department is to make highly expensive dermatosurgery affordable to the poor people. With its unique blend off inpatient care, out patient services as well as dermatosurgical and aesthetic activities department of Dermatology and venerelogy has started its endeavour to serve the community.