KGH: Department of ENT & Head-Neck Surgery

--Dr. AKM Munirul Haque and Dr. Mohammad Rokan Uddin Bhuiyan


Otolaryngology and Head- Neck surgery is one of the departments in KGH that got inherited from the beginning of the hospital since 2012. Although ENT department is not a full fledged department by the specialist doctors, nurses and other supporting staffs, this department include  works in  the outpatient department, inpatient department and a modern Diagnostic and  Therapeutic facilities wings.

Officials of the Department

We have very limited manpower to run the indoor, outdoor and Diagnostic and Therapeutic wings.

v          Senior Consultant- 1 (one)

v          Junior Consultant-1(one)

v          Medical officer-2(two)

v          MLSS -1(one)

Clinical services

a) Outpatient department: From the very beginning of the hospital we entertain the outpatients. Patients are increasing day by day. In the year 2013 we treated more than 16000 cases including new and old. Common diseases are acute and chronic otitis media, acute and chronic tonsillitis, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyposis, acute and chronic sinusitis and chronic laryngitis. Some ENT emergency like epistaxsis, peritonsillar abscess, foreign body in the nose, ear and throat also entertain here.

b) Inpatient department: Very recently from August’ 2013 we start our indoor facilities with 20 beds ( 10 male and 10 female). We do the traditional ENT operation like tonsillectom, adenotonsill ectomy, septoplasty, SMR, polypectomy, benign tumour excission, all types of thyroidectomy, parotid surgery, submandibular gland excission Brachial and Thyroglossal fistula, From August’ 2013 to January’ 2014 (6 months) we perform following operation under general anaesthesia in KGH.



NeckDr Rokon

Excission of Preauricular sinus-2

Superfacial Parotidectomy-3


Inverted papilloma-2

Septoplasty and SMR-21

Excission of Neck mass-3

Antrochoanal polyp-2

Direct  Laryngoscopy and biopsy-1.

C)Diagnostic and  Therapeutic wings: In KGH we have a modern Diagnostic and Therapeutic facilities wing first time in Bangladesh. Proper ENT evaluation can perform with the help of this unit.Following procedure are routinely done here.

1)         Video Laryngoscopy

2)         VideoNasoendoscopy

3)         Video otoscopy

4) Examination of Ear under microscope and aural toileting.

5)         Aural and Nasal medication

6)         Nasal douching etc.

In last one year’ 2013 we perform more than 900 different  procedure as outdoor bases.

Future Vision


In near future, we are expecting to organize the department in the newer spectrum with latest investigation and treatment  facilities like Endoscopic sinus surgery,Micro ear surgery and Laser surgery. Vedeostroboscopy and Audiometry will start soon. We are training to establish a well equiped ENT department to serve the nation. We need more skilled manpower and modern instruments  like operative microscope, FESS intruments to establish the department.We believe that authority will take necessary step in this regard.