KGH: Department of Medicine

--Dr. Md. Abdullahel Kafi and Dr. M A Hasnat

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Since the inception of KGH, the medicine department is committed to providing excellent patient care through compassionate and evidence based medicine. The department has started its journey in 10th November 2012 first as such there was no infrastructure at that time.

Department of medicine made its way as a full-fledged department with the creation of consultant, resident physician, registrar, assistant registrar and medical officer’s post.

Since beginning as a specialty the department provides tertiary health care through both inpatient and outpatient services, continuing medical professional development and strict quality control to carter the need of the country.

At present the department was enriched with the appointment of medicine consultant, cardiology consultant, gastroenterologist and pulmonologist. In addition to these experienced staff there are resident physician, registrar, assistant registrar, indoor medical officer, outdoor medical officer who are working in the department. All subspecialty wings are performing under the umbrella of the medicine department.

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This department has 110 beds to provide inpatient service to severely ill patient. The outdoor service is open on every working day at 8am to 2.30pm. It is supervised by senior consultant. Everyday around 600 patients get medical advice from the outdoor service.

The Gastroenterology wing performed about 500 upper GIT endoscopy. 110 endoscope biopsy was performed from esophageal, gastric and duodenal lesion for diagnostic purpose. We hope colonoscopy will be perform very soon as it is enriched with colonoscopy equipment.

The departments equipped with modern facilities like EEG, EMG and NCS services which will be performed by specially trained neurologist. Now there is special care facilities for stroke, epilepsy neuroinfections, neuropathy, my apathies and neurodegenerative disorder.

Pulmonology wing plays one of the major role for the treatment purpose of the respiratory patient. Bronchoscopy and Biopsy and Spirometry will be perform very soon as it is enrich with fiber optic Bronchoscopy and Spirometry devices.

Cardiology wing performing ECG, 2D-Echo,. Color Doppler and stress echo routinely. Hypertension and MI patient are getting both inpatient service, education and follow-up through outpatient service.

With the positive attitude and cordial co-operation of director KGH and colleague of other department number of patient is increasing day by day. KGH should attain the highest standard so that it could be possible to make it a center of excellence.

Future Plan: In near future we are expecting to organize the department with specialized doctors, nurse and other stuff to give highest health care facility to the people of Bangladesh. Our plan is-

r           To extend the medicine department activity in near future

r           To start Rheumatology clinic, Thyroid clinic, Respiratory clinic, Hypertension clinic and Diabetes clinic

r           To establish sub-specialty like neurology, nephrology, cardiology, endocrinology etc.

r           To provide modern services like endoscope band ligation, endoscope haemostasis, balloon dilatation of oesophagus, polypectomy, diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP.