KGH: Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

--Dr. Asma Rumanaz Shahid


I have joined Kurmitola General Hospital (KGH) as a junior consultant in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in May 2013. As a senior most doctor in the department, I was also responsible to administer the department besides looking after the patient. Soon it turned into a pride with pleasure to work as in charge of the department. I also consider myself lucky to be associated with this hospital since its initial stage and to be a part of the development of my department.

KGH is one of the most modern in its structure and has the provisions and facilities unlike any other government hospital in the country. Due to its location, general people had the perception that it is a military hospital; therefore the number of patient was few. Slowly and gradually people learnt that it is open for all like any other government hospital. During the initial days we used to handle limited number of patients in outdoor only. Due to absence of required nursing staffs, necessary equipment and emergency facilities we were unable to provide the required support to all visiting patients.  At that period of time our department did not have the facilities and provisions to run indoor and also to perform surgery.

It was a great challenge for the authority and also for us to start the indoor and surgical facilities. With the active cooperation of the administration we started mitigating the challenges to explore our full potential. Gradually number of doctors increased in the department and we became a skilled team of doctors to handle any kind of cases. We explored all opportunities to acquire instruments and prepare our department to provide complete treatment and care to all type of patients. Now the hospital and particularly the Obs and Gynae has become a very busy department with large number of indoor and outdoor patient.

Dr asma

By the grace of Allah we could succeed in our goal and finally carried out the first Caesarean section on 17 December 2013. It was a memorable day for all of us and it will remain a part of history of the department. Now we are conducting all kinds of minor and major surgical procedure’ including handling of emergency cases. Our team of doctors is highly skilled and dedicated to their job. Currently on an average we handle more than 100 patients per day in outdoor and undertake 6 to 10 major and minor gynaecological surgical procedure per week. Besides that, one or more caesarian section occur every day as routine case or on emergency basis. We have also planned to start the Laparoscopic surgery with the availability of necessary instruments and facilities. Doctors and nursing staffs of this hospital are available 24 hours to conduct the normal delivery with a very modern and well equipped labour room including neonatal care facility. Due to some limitations presently we handle the emergency caesarean section during office hour (8am to 2:30pm) only. With the increase of facilities we hope to start 24 hours obstetric emergency care including the provision for emergency caesarean section as soon as possible. We also have the plan to start a VIA (visual inspection of cervix with acetic acid) centre with colposcopic facility.

Rumanaz-2 I thank the authority and my colleagues for being so supportive and working relentlessly to provide best possible treatment within our capabilities. I am also thankful to almighty Allah for being so fortunate to work in such a beautiful environment and be associated with the development of the hospital from its nascent stage as the in charge of the department.