KGH: Department of Oncology

--Dr. Mostafa Aziz Sumon

Cancer causes serious health problems both in developed and developing countries. The scenario is more acute here in Bangladesh. The high rate of poverty, illiteracy, poor nutritional status, associated with lack of treatment related logistics and skilled manpower made this scenario more gloomy than expected. A survey of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics in 2008 identified cancer as the sixth deadly disease in the country.

According to World Health Organization, there are about 12 lakh cancer patients in the country and every year two lakh people are attacked by cancer and 1.5 lakh people die of the disease. If the current trends of the incidence of the disease continue it will cause about 13% total death of this country by 2030. Kurmitola General Hospital since its starting has taken the challenge to share some these national burden by outdoor oncology consultation and chemotherapy day care Centre.

So far our achievements

The outdoor service started on 13th February 2013. But within a few days it was realized that only the outdoor service not enough to meet the demand of the cancer patients.

In order to address the problem, the director of the hospital Brig. Gen. Dr. Nasir Uddin initiated “chemotherapy day care centre”. As per his instruction, within very limited resources day care centre was started its function on 23rd March 2013. Since then, 42 patients were successfully treated here with chemotherapy.

The distribution of cancer patients treated here in Kurmitola General Hospital.

Table Shows

Now, we have a dedicated team supported by medicine department for the chemo-therapy day care service. Patients can easily admit their selves for the chemotherapy.

Future direction

There is a bunker fully ready for linear acceletor installation. If the radiotherapy machine is installed here, it will not only be a comprehensive cancer care Centre in Bangladesh but also be a suitable place for the 2nd bone marrow transplantation unit for its beautiful environment and available space.