KGH: Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

--Dr Muhammad Awlad Hussain

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The Department of Orth-opaedic Surgery  of Kurmi-tola General Hospital is commited to serving the Trauma, Casualty and orthopaedic needs of the people of Bangladesh through excellence in patient care, research and education.

Number of patients attending OPD has increased day by day. Total attending patients in OPD are 28,325 in last year. Of them male are 10,586 and female are 17,739.

We are committed to advancing the understanding and treatment of trauma and orthopaedic disorders. Our Orthopaedic surgeon in turn use the available modalities to provide patients with best possible outcomes.

Department history

The Orthopaedic department of Kurmitola General Hospital Started as outpatient department on 18th September, 2012. Now the department activities include works in the inpatient department, outpatient department, investigation facilities and operative procedure.

Where we are

The Department of Orthopaedic (OPD) surgery is located at the 1st floor and indoor at 4th and 5th floor on the campus of Kurmitola General Hospital, Dhaka.


The department has 3 Junior consultant, they are Dr. Syeed Hossain Sabuj, Dr Asif Ahmed Kabir and Dr. Muhammad Awlad Hussain, 3 Medical officer and  staff nurses and ward boy.

Activities of Orthopaedic department

Our aim is to eliminate suffering from orthopaedic diseases and manage both traumatized and casualty patients. We want to do this by providing the highest quality medical and surgical for patients.

Dr Aulad

Following services are given in this department

w         Treatment of out patient every day

w         Screening of patient for indoor admission

w         Treatment of casualty patient at emergency

Hand and plastic Surgery, Plaster, Bandage, Dressing, reduction for fracture or dislocation

w         Major and Minor operations Open reduction and internal fixation, Closed reduction internal fixation and closed reduction. Deformity correction, prosthetic replacement.

w         Treatment and consultancy of referral patients from different department.

Present available logistics and Machineries

w         Fracture table

w         C-arm Machine 3 in number in 3 orthopaedic OT

History of 1st Operation

Name of operation:Hemiartho-plasty of femoral component by Bipolar prosthesis

Name of Patient

Mrs Rahima 70yrs Bed :3, Ward: F-ortho.


Present capabilities

Due to lack of manpower like consultant, duty doctor, Nurse, ward boy, we are not able to perform emergency operation now.

Future Plan

In future, we are expecting to organize the department in newer and latest investigation and treatment facilities


We do believe that with the help of Govt. and local authorities, we will be able to fulfill the expectation of our people and government. We also try to strengthen our academic and clinical activities through CME program and program for training manpower.

We are very much grateful to our local authorities for their immense support to enrich our department. May Allah help us to serve the people of Bangladesh