KGH: Department of Pediatrics

--Dr. Farhana Noman

Newborn -2

Kurmitola general Hospital, is One of the most modern hospital with a magnificent structural design is situated at the heart of the capital city .   This hospital was inaugurated on 13th  may 2012.

The Paediatrics is one of the most important department of the hospital. It Provides both indoor and out patient Service to the patients. A well experience and highly qualified doctors and paramedics Provide round the clock Service to the patients. In this department we have the following doctors and staffs.

a)         Senior Consultant -01

b)         Junior Consultant  -03

c)         Medical officer  -05

d)         Nursing staff -08

e)         Other staff -06

“Children are future asset and hope of a Nation”

Dr Farhana Noman

keeping this idea in mind KGH started its outdoor service on 10th November 2012 by treating a paediatric patient . In the month of November 2012 the number of out patient was 112. But gradually the number increased and at present the number is 3550 in last month. In the out patient department we try to give maximum attention to the patient. waiting time of patient is minimum. The hospital authority provides all the medicines as prescribed by physicians. Rapid increase in the number of outdoor Patients reflects the high level Satisfaction of clients.

The indoor service of this hospital started six months back with 30 beds. Now the number is 40. The ward is highly equipped .We have many modern equipments and machineries, such as –

q          Baby incubator

q          Radiant warmer

q          Modern phototherapy machines

q          Apnoea monitor and

q          Cardiac monitor etc.

Since its inception the paediatric department is providing very high level of treatment facilities to the admitted patients . Total number of 350 patients treated during last 6 months . The common diseases were severe Pneumonia, Enteric fever, Nephrotic  syndrome, Acute glomerulonephritis, Bronchial  asthma,Dengue fever, Diarrheal diseases, Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Urinary tract infection, malnutrition etc.

In 17th December 1213 1st baby cried in our hospital by LUCS. Inaddition to medical treatment we also provide health education and motivate the patient to live a better healthy life. Besides those above mentioned Services we also organize clinical seminars, different training program   and  national health programs like NID, Deworming, measles-rubella campaign etc as directed by the Government.

Newborn -1

Future plan

we have an expansion plan of the department which  includes,

q          Increase the number of Bed.

q          Provide quality health care by ensuring the optimum achievable results for each patient , avoidance of iatrogenic complications and attention of patients.

q          Establishment of paediatric ICU and modern neonatal ICU.

q          Introduction of perinatal death audit.

q          Clinical research activity

q          Establishment of  postgraduate training.