KGH: Department of Surgery

--Dr. Md. Mehedi Hasan

Dr Mehedi

Its too early and most difficult to say something about a faculty rather than a hospital which is still to germinate.

KGH was established on 2013. The birth of a public health care centre in the northern part of Dhaka city endeavors to emerge as a modernized hospital. The blue-green skyscraper creates a tranquil feeling with a strong hope to have decent hospitality. People distressed with disease is starting to find it a place of dependence.

The new born baby is rapidly catching its developmental milestone.


I could remember the first routine operation, done on 1st September, 2013, with great tension, hastily movement among all the staffs, adrenaline rush and a successful foreign body removal under spinal anesthesia from foot of Sultan, a young male and everybody calms down and a gentle breeze flew. I was lucky to be the first surgeon of KGH, thanks to Allah.

Since then it started and is going on.


a.         To provide Medicare facilities to the members of Armed Forces & general population of the country.

b.         To provide modern medical treatment for all citizens of Bangladesh specially to people residing at northern area of Mega city Dhaka including Tongi, Savar & Gazipur area.

c.         To provide emergency and life saving treatment to the road traffic accident victim of the near by area.

d.         Operate as the teaching hospital for Armed forces medical college.

e.         Employment opportunity for the unemployed doctors, nurses, paramedics and supporting staff.

f.          To establish green hospital concept for the first time in Bangladesh. Standard clinical waste management, Sewerage treatment plant, Medical waste management system, solar energy to provide power etc. will be introduced in the hospital.

Faculty members

Right now the surgery department possesses three junior consultants and six medical officers.


We have both out patient department and in patient department. About 70 to 80 patients are attended in OPD everyday.

The everyday inpatient turnover is about 50 in number both male and female including pediatric group.

In OPD, patients with day case surgical conditions e.g. lumps and bumps and for some minor diagnostic and therapeutic procedures e.g. proctoscopy are given a date to attend outdoor OT.


Only routine surgical patients are admitted and are prepared in indoor for routine operation. Inter disciplinary approach is instigated for a surgical patient with co-morbidity.

Emergency operative procedures are done in limited number as global shortage of anesthetist is also prevailing here.

Casualty department is still to operate. Other surgical subspecialties are still to come up.

MRCS (England) Part-B Exami-nation Centre

Its the prestigious achievement of KGH to be the centre of the final part of MRCS examination of The Royal College of Surgeons of England for the first time ever in Bangladesh. It was only possible by the hard and harmonious activities of all the concerned personnel in the process particularly the dynamic leadership of the director of KGH, Brig. Gen. A K M Nasir Uddin is of noteworthy.

Operation Performed

Since September 2013, we have done quite a good number of routine operations and few emergency operations.

Open cholecystectomy, mesh repair of inguinal hernia, tumor excision are being done in rampage.

One partial gastrectomy for Carcinoma stomach was done with uneventful postoperative and the patient is having adjuvant therapy in our hospital by one of our oncologist. Three simple mastectomy with axillary clearance with adjuvant therapy are of noteworthy.

Laparoscopic procedures are to be started shortly.

Number of Surgery done by different faculty

Difficulties faced

a.         Deficiency of specialists doctor especially Anesthesiologists, Radiologists, Pathologists (Including blood transfusion expert), Medicine specialists & Nursing supervisor with senior staff nurses.

b.        Shortage of Paramedics with other administration personnel.

c.        Senior physicians’ (Prof, Asso Prof and Astt Prof) support for treating complicated and serious cases need to be authorized.

d.         Internee doctors support of AFMC need to be introduced.

e.        No residential accommodation inside the hospital premises for key persons like RP, RS, Matron, Ward master and others.

Future plan

We wish KGH to be the centre of excellence in the surgical field in future. For this dream to come to true, we would request the authority concerned to extend their heart to it.


Kurmitola General Hospital is passing its juvenile stage. All the physicians and stakeholders are trying their best to drive it in the right way. Public satisfaction in health service is the main motto of Kurmitola General Hospital.