Kurmitola General Hospital ushers in a new hope for all

With the gradual increase of population in Bangla-desh, the number of patients affected with various diseases is increasing dy-by-day. To meet the growing demand of healthcare, the Government of Bangladesh within its means and capacity is taking initiative one after another. Among many of such potential initiatives, the establishment of Kurmitola General Hospital (KGH) is one of them.

Today, in both public and private initiatives, lots of hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres have been set-up across the country. Among all these, KGH is, to some extent, a different hospital from others, in view of its characteristics and activities.

KGH is, a tertiary level of hospital, especially committed to serve the people of all walks of life in true sense of service and treatment. The hospital also has the provision to provide education and training facilities for students, internee doctors and nurses. All these arrangements are rarely seen in other hospitals. This is a really unique hospital.

Behind the establishment of this unique hospital, Bangladesh Army has played the pioneering role. The proposal for establishing such a hospital came from the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Harun-Ar-Rashid the first in 2001. On the basis of his proposal, the government took the initiative to establish this different kind of hospital in Bangladesh.

After passing over a long traversed way, at long last the Kurmitola General Hospital came into being through the formal inauguration of the hospital by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the 13th of May 2012. Thus the journey of KGH begins in Bangladesh.

During long process and continuous efforts, along side the officials of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and the Ministry of Defence, successive chiefs of army staff, including the present chief General Iqbal Karim Bhuiyan and senior officers of army medical crops have made the contributions in turning the KGH into to day’s institutional shape.

After the inauguration of the hospital, one of the highly committed and capable officers of army medical crops, Brig General AKM Nasir Uddin, has been appointed as the first director of KGH by the government. In this primitive stage of the hospital, the committed director, Brig General AKM Nasir Uddin, along with a team of his energetic colleagues, has started working to attain the cherished goal of KGH, so that the people of all walks of life can get the proper treatment and services, for which this hospital has been built-up. This has ushered in a new hope for all of us.

To inform the people and our valued readers at home and abroad, in this issue The Guardian contains the valuable stories on the latest scenario of developments, facilities, services, potentials and future plans of KGH, written by the director and other specialists, consultants and physicians of KGH. We hope all these valuable stories will draw the proper attention of all towards KGH. And let us conclude with the hope that KGH must attain its goal in full and serve the people of all walks of life, especially the poor the best.