LankaBangla at a glance

--Mostafa Kamal FCA, Group Company Secretary, LankaBangla Finance

LankaBangla Finance Limited started its journey long back in 1997asajoint-enture financial institution with multinational collaboration having license from Bangladesh Bank under Financial Institution Act-1993. Now LankaBanglais the country’s leading provide reintegrated financial services including corporate financial services, personal financial services, SME financial services, stock broking, corporate advisory and wealth management services.

Under the broadest umbrella of products and service offerings, we are the lone financial institution too perate credit card (Master Card and VISA) and also provide third party card processing services to different banks in Bangladesh. LankaBangla is primary dealer of government securities since November 2009. The company got listed in both of the bourses of country i.e. DSE & CSE in 2006.

LankaBangla is the market leader in the capital market services and giving all-out effort to develop an efficient, vibrant and transparent capital market in Bangladesh. Through our subsidiary, LankaBangla Securities Limited we are providing top notch broking services and leading the industry with cut tinged retarding, top rated research and customer service. Another subsidiary, LankaBangla Investments Limited is a premier investment bank in the country providing corporate advisory, issue management and portfolio management services. The other subsidiary, LankaBangla Asset Management Company Limited is providing professional wealth management services.

We recently have gone through a business process reengineering to build capacity to offer our clients superior experience than any time ever. The company now operates in centralized administrative framework through cutting edge technological environment. LankaBangla is serving with wide operational periphery covering major business hubs of the country.

We are the recipient of National Award for Best Published Accounts and Reports for the past six years declared by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) and also received SAFA award for the last four years which represent the quality we maintain in disclosure of information.

LankaBangla practices participatory management and adheres to industry best practices in all endeavors. Increasing stakeholders’ value is a natural driving force for the people at LankaBangla. Our long standing sustainabilityefforts are creating environmental and social value while we step ahead. By embracing high ethical standards, governance and transparency, we dream to grow big. Our ethos is simple – we envision our success being the growth partner of our enterprising clients. We are committed to change the lives of the ordinary.

In quest of sustainable business, LankaBangla Finance Limited is positioning itself to provide enduring value to our people, customers, shareholders, and the community. Our strategic priorities remain to diversify portfolio with key focus on core product portfolio, manage balance sheet prudently, simplify processes to reduce cost, create a sustainable brand, nurture our human resources to deliver the best and uphold the livelihood of our community. We believe that clustering strategic priorities in this manner will enable flawless execution of the medium term strategic plan.

Going forward, Personal and SME financial services would be our prime focus in the leading portfolio. Recognizing SME segment’s value addition and employment generation capabilities, we are keen to finance various initiatives especially start-up enterprises as well as ones looking to scale up. We are planning to expand our business horizon in major cities/ township of the country. While we engage in doing business, we will be maintaining strict compliance and good governance in norms and regulations to ensure long term sustainability of the company. We will be engaging more on social ventures and community development. Putting priority in ecological balance of the environment, we plan to grow together with our stakeholders.