LGED: Activites of Moghbazar-Mouchak flyover project

--Md. Nazmul Alam, Project Director


Bangladesh is agriculture based country where population density is very high. Most of the people live in rural area. However, during last few decades migration from rural to urban area has been coming nore and more. Agriculture based economy is turning to be  industry based. At present, one third the  of total population of the country lives in urban area. By 2030, urban population shall amount to around half of total population. Urban centres are increasingly becoming the centre of most economic activities. In urban areas, large number of people lives in limited area. So it is essential as such to create through proper and integrated urban planning easy transportation facility in minimum time, expansion of industry product, preservation of environment and enhancement of recreation facility to facilitate continuous economic growth. Vision 2021 and Election Manifesto 2008 of the present Government spelled out these thoughts.

Among the urban settlements, population density is high in the  City Corporations, and it is the highest in Dhaka City.

Serious traffic jam in Dhaka caused by ever expanding population and limited road network has become a national issue. The  traffic jam is continuous at many road intersections and rail crossings. So people have to afford a long time for going from one end to the other and even for a short distance travel. This has long term negative effect on national economy. Increase is the   number of  city dweller ories there vehicles are alone not the  reasons of traffic jam. The inadequacy of road infrastructure is also a major reason. Road network in Dhaka City is only 8% of its area which is only one third of its demand. To come out from this situation, Strategic Transport Planning (STP) study of Dhaka was carried out by Dhaka Urban Transport Board in 1999 during last Awami League Government. The study recommended construction of flyover/intersection underpass at 20 points, bus stands and bus terminals as well as parking areas.

As per recommendation of the STP Study, Feasibility Study for Flyover Construction in Moghbazar-Mouchak area was carried out withthe financial assistance from Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development (KFAED) and following that Development Project Proposal was submitted in Planning Commission in 2006. However, construction of the said flyover did proceed not be runing  as it did not get priority of the then Government. The present Government on.examption  of its rule immediately Gave importance for     adopted the Construction of Moghbazar-Mouchak Flyover Project in 2009 to minimize traffic jam by creating network with Kuril, Banani, Jatrabari, Khilgaon Flyover along with other transport projects being implemented in accordance with Strategic Transport Planning study.

Project Objectives and Area

The objectives of the project are to:

a)         Increase traffic carrying capacity of Dhaka City road network particularly at Satrasta, FDC, Moghbazar Road and Rail, Mouchak, Mailbag and Santingar intersections;

b)         The reduce traffic congestion at above mentioned intersections;

c)         Ensure easy, smooth and safe transport movement and

d)         Create employment;

The project area covers from north of Satrasta intersection to south of Moghbazar intersection as well as Mouchak, Mailbag and Santingar intersections.

Project Components

The flyover shall be 8.25 km in length having four lanes. It shall be 3 (Three) level Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Flyover. Minimum vertical clearance from road crown shall be 5 meter and that from rail crossing shall be 7.5 meter to facilitate free movement of all types of transports. Horizontal clearance between consecutive piers shall be up to 35 meter. There shall be 15 (Fifteen) ramps for access onto and of the elevated structures.

Project Entity and Financing Source

The owner of the project is the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives of Government of Bangladesh. The executing agency is Local Government Engineering Department under Local Government Division of Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives. The cost of the project and the financing sources are as follows: