LGED: Greater Faridpur rural infrastructure development project phase-II

--Md. Mojibur Rahman Shikder, Project Director

Executive Agency: Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) is the executing agency of the Project, LGED will be the Lead Agency of the Project.

Location of the Project: Greater Faridpur( Faridpur, Madaripur, Shariatpur, Gopalgonj & Rajbari )

Number  of Upazilla (29 Nos.): Faridpur Sadar, Alfadanga, Bhanga, Boalmari, Charbhadrason, Modhukhali, Nagarkhana, Sadarpur, Saltha, Madaripur sadar, Kalkhini, Rajoir, Shibchar, Rajbari sadar, Baliakandi, Pangsha, Goalunda, Kalukhali, Gopalgonj sadar, Kashiani, Kotalipara, Muksudpur, Tungipar, Shariatpur sadar, Bhedargonj, Damuddya, Goshairhat, Naria and Janjira.

Number of Union: Total 312 nos Union Parishad covers the project. Total project area 7009 Sqkm which covers about 4.75% of the total area of the country.

Objective of the Project:

w         To facilitate & to augment the economic activities by providing safe and reliable transport/communication system through development of village roads including bridge and culverts thereon for easier access to rural growth centers and markets.

w         To create direct employment opportunities for rural landless and poor people through construction of transport infrastructure during the project implementation and their maintenance after completion of the project.

w  To maintain the ecological balance of environment as well as to protect the road embankment by tree plantation/ maintenance on both the sides of village road.

w To expedite rural business activities as well as to ensure hygienic business place through improvement of Growth Center/ Rural Market.

w         To ease the loading & unloading of agricultural products carried by waterway through construction of Boat Landing Ramp.

w         To improve road safety measures of village roads .

Physical Components of the Project

i)          Improvement of Village Road by BC/Dense carpeting 654.00Km.

ii)         Improvement of Village Road by HBB 419.00Km.

iii)        Construction of Bridge/Culvert on Village Road 5590.00 m.

iv)        Development of Growth center/Rural Market 66 Nos.

v)         Construction of Boat landing Ramp 32 Nos.

vi)        Tree Plantation/Maintenance 101.00 Km.

Date of DPP Approval by ECNEC: 6 July, 2010

Date of RDPP Approval by ECNEC:

4  June, 2013

Project Period: July-2010 to June-2015

Project Cost: Total Cost. 69300.00 Lakh Taka (6930.00 Million Taka)

Mode of Financing: GOB:  69300.00 Lakh Taka

(6930.00 Million Taka)

Implementation Status: As per ADP Allocation 14000.00 Lakh Taka (1400.00 Million Taka) released from Ministry Upto FY. 2012-2013.

Goods Procurement: Procurement of office equipments (NCB) completed by June 2011. Contract signed for procurement of vehicles (NCB) by June 2013.

Works Procurement: Bidding is in progress for 160 packages in Faridpur District, 271 Packages in Madaripur District, 184 Packages in Shariatpur District, 81 packages in Rajbari District and 172 packages in Gopalgonj District.