LGED Makes Bangladesh Proud

The Local Government Engineering Department of Bangladesh is very widely known at home and abroad in its abbreviated name LGED. Through passing over a long way of struggle and success, LGED has come to its present dignified position with high reputation at home and abroad.

In 1970, a cell was set up, under the Local Government Division of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives, to administer the rural development activities across the country. Long after the liberation of Bangladesh, in 1984 this cell was turned into the status of an engineering bureau. The bureau was given the name of Local Government Engineering Bureau (LGEB) and placed under the revenue budget. This organization was also considered not enough for fulfilling the overall institutional needs of rural development. Realizing this, in 1992 the LGEB was upgraded to the status of a full-fledged department of the government and was named as Local Government Engineering Department. Thus the beginning of LGED started.

Today LGED performs multifarious activities. But its major mandates are to develop and to maintain rural, urban and water sector infrastructures, to extend technical support to upazila and union parishads and local government institutions (LGIs), to provide technical assistance to other ministries and also to organize human resource development programmes for LGIs, LGED itself and also for other stakeholders.

Obviously, since its beginning LGED remains committed to attain its goals and has been able to set up many milestones in the development of rural and urban infrastructures in Bangladesh. It is currently implementing about 75 development projects all over the country and further a good number of development projects are also planned for implementation and expected for earlier approval of the government.

Today, in a crucial situation when our nation is passing a deep political crisis and conflict, LGED has brought good news for Bangladesh. One of the LGED projects has received the first-ever IFAD Award for its outstanding achievement in gender equality and women’s empowerment in Bangladesh. This is an international recognition for outstanding achievement of LGED.

This award has, of course, made Bangladesh honoured and proud in the comity of nations. On this auspicious occasion, we, from The Guardian, congratulate Chief Engineer Md. Wahidur Rahman, Project Director Sheikh Md. Mohsin, all officers and staff of the LGED. We also hope that LGED led by veteran Chief Engineer and his veteran colleagues will bring many more laurels in future and set many new examples of development in the country.

Currently, LGED is involved with huge development activities and technical assistance programmes across the country. This has increased its workload manifold, for which the organization needs sufficient manpower and other relevant facilities. But, LGED still suffers insufficiency of manpower and different other relevant facilities to cope up with the present situation and ongoing workload. To some, there might have criticisms or allegations against any particular job or work of LGED as alleged against different other public institutions. And if so, that must be cleansed. Whatever it is; but LGED has proved its excellence. In such a situation, we urge the government to look into the institutional shortages of LGED and support LGED to be restrengthened to build a better rural Bangladesh. Let’s hope for all the best.