--Muhammad Asadullah

Life; life; and life!

Essentially it comes from lives (living organisms)

Life of our body cumulates

Lives of total individual cells.

Better health comes from

Putting more life to cells.

We burn our foods,

We burn our lives to shorten longevity.

We kill microorganisms in intestine,

And weaken our immune system.

We add more impurities to food.

We make our body more toxic

And become prone to cancer.

We should rather take more biotic foods,

To have more vitality and longevity.

To excel better health in our body,

And to lead a happy and tranquil life.

When we heat fats, it spreads-

Acrolein, nitrosamines, hydrocarbons and benzoprenes.

That is nothing but potentially cancer carrying agents.

Cooking denatures protein,

Enzymes lose her catalic power and coagulate in tracts.

Bacterial floras are fast evading

Creating lots of gastrointestinal complexities.

Have organic and fermented foods

To get a better life, full of bios and vitalities.


If Syria uses Chemical weapon,

Against her own people,

Will constitute a crime against humanity.

It does not justify any power,

To undertake any military action arbitrarily.

The chemical weapons may have had used,

Wrongly, unethically, and intentionally.

May have done by the vested group in disguise,

As part of coterie politics,

To apportion blame on Syria.

If the western world thinks,

Syria must not have chemical weapons, fine,

But what happens with Israel?

They have even more deadly arsenals.

It also endangers the world security,

More than anyone else.

If you want to serve “humanity;

Respect the ‘human’ totally,

With no discrimination, no apartheid;

If you want to bring “rule of justice’;

Refer the case to the ‘Court of judges’ for action,

And definitely not to any mercenary forces

‘To get it ill achieved through mischievous intention.

Israel is to learn to live with cancer.

No way to ampute her organ,

Either, chemically or clinically.

Both will be fatal equally.

Rather, keep it there,

Have peaceful cohabitation

But develop your own immune system,

Biologically, organically, with foods of purity.

Develop cohesive cultural bond,

With due respect in reciprocation, and affinity.

If not, you are to loiter around with indignity,

Depending on ‘Salwa’ and ‘Manna’ from Almighty.


1.         Manna: The word manna is apparently derived from the word,’man-hu’ or the Arabic ‘manhua’-meaning ‘what is this? The word ‘manna’ subsequently came to have a symbolic significance for any food produced apparently miraculously at the time of scarcity on the barren deserts: Al Quaran : (2:57), (7:160), (20:80).

2.         Salwa: Meat of migrating birds.

Maj Muhammad Asadullah (Retd)

Member, RAOWA