Management graduates of Dhaka University playing a leading role in management profession and education

Md Jalal Uddin

I feel proud of being a student of the University of Dhaka, which was once known as the Oxford of the East. This University, by this time, has produced a huge number of educationists, renowned scholars, business personalities, industrialists, economists and politicians. I hope the University of Dhaka will contribute in nation building activities uninterruptedly as before.

But, in the present context of Dhaka University, especially since the period of independence, this historic University, which has already led in our language movement and in our independence struggle, is facing criticism due to political reason. During this period, some of the teachers and the students have become involved with party politics so seriously that they seem to be more pro-fessional politician rather than being the teachers and the students. Due to this, the whole community of the teachers and the students suffers.

In Dhaka University, politics were there before also but it was not like the present form, it was quite in the interest of the nation as well as in the interest of education. I do not oppose politics; but I don’t believe that to shine or to succeed in life, party politics is necessary for the teachers and the students. Rather, I feel if the teachers leave this path and take their noble profession, the teaching and research seriously and attract the students towards knowledge, science, technology and research, the students will also leave this path automatically; only then the Dhaka University will get its lost glory back and the dignity of the Dhaka University teachers’ and students’ will be reestablished as before.

Now it is an age of Information Technology and global competition. So both the teachers and the students should assess what they should do and how they should work and what they should learn. Otherwise, they will suffer in the long run.
As a management student, I observe that the Department of Management of Dhaka University is playing a tremendous role in different aspects of management profession and education at home and abroad. In our country, there remains no single sector, whether in public or private where the management graduates are not leading. There are ministers, secretaries, MDs, CEOs, diplomats, academicians of high reputation among them. I feel that the department should work to produce higher quality graduates to match the needs of this challenging age.

So with close cooperation between the teachers and the students, the academic atmosphere should be created and the courses should be selected to meet challenging needs of the present day. Besides, there must have scopes and facilities for creative activities matching with the time and the needs. I hope the time has come to realize it and the Dhaka University authority, especially the Department of Management must understand it and act accordingly. I hope the time has come for the Dhaka University authority, especially the Department of Management to realize the situations and act accordingly. Let’s hope for the best.