Management graduates of Dhaka University plays significant role in development of Bangladesh

Md. Ataur Rahman Prodhan Deputy Managing Director Sonali Bank Limited

Md. Ataur Rahman Prodhan
Deputy Managing Director
Sonali Bank Limited

I was a student at the Department of Management of the University of Dhaka in the academic session1977-1980. I passed B.Com. (Hons.) and M.Com. in Management respectively in 1980 and 1981 Upon the completion of my education I started my banking career as Financial Analyst in Sonali Bank Limited in 1984. During this long banking career I worked in different branches as Branch Manager, Corporate Branch Incumbent, Head of Principal Office, and Head of various Divisions in Head Office. Prior to this assignment as Deputy Managing Director, I was CEO & General Manager of Sonali Bank (UK) Limited. I am a Diplomaed Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh. I already attended a number of training programmes, workshops and seminars at home and abroad. Alongside this, I am also a rotarian and involved with a number of social activities.

As a man and a banker, I feel very proud to be a student of Dhaka University, worldwide known to be the Oxford of the East. From its humble beginning in 1921, Dhaka University emerges as beacon-light of knowledge and science, centre of education, inspiration of cultural and political movement. These definitely attract us, the products of DU towards the multidimensional activities in life and society. Behind the establishment of our mother language Bangla and the achievement of our great independence, the contribution of Dhaka University is unparallel.
As a product of this university, especially as a postgraduate of management I am very fortunate. We always hear that mismanagement is a number one problem in Bangladesh. It means how management is important in Bangladesh. We understand without management whether it is a state or a family- nothing can run. So, the Department of Management of the University of Dhaka is producing managerial graduates to meet the management requirement of Bangladesh. Since the introduction of the department in 1970, this department stands out as the centre of excellence for management education at home and abroad and has been able to uphold its image untarnished till today.
Of course, the graduates of this department is playing significant role in teaching, training, professional development and in the field of public and private sector management in Bangladesh and abroad. Whatever the institution or organization, be it a public or a private- we look at, we can see less or more there is an involvement of DU graduates in management. Bank, insurance, schools, colleges, offices and others, everywhere the students of DU have hands. In the development of the country, DU graduates have special contributions. So, the role and contribution of the Department of Management in spreading education as well as in producing quality graduates to serve the nation is obviously praising.

I think the Department of Management of DU is quite aware of the present and future challenges and developments of the Management Profession. So, I believe they should take appropriate step to provide professional knowledge and skills in management keeping in view to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of managerial manpower to meet the present and future challenges and developments of the Management Profession in Bangladesh as well as to face the emerging challenges in the competitive world of the this new millennium.

In the end, I thank The Guardian authorities to give me a chance to talk about my alma mater the University of Dhaka and to focus on my department.