Comment of Pourashava Mayor

Master Shahjahan is a role-model of peace in Sandwip

Zafar Ullah Tito, Mayor, Sandwip Pourashava

Alhaj Master Shahjahan, BA, is a symbol of politial ideal in Sandwip. He has enriched politics in Sandwip and also has always been adding beauty to the social circles. He has made Sandwip Awami League politics stronger in the grass root level. He has inspired his supporters to political struggles and movements. In any political and social crisis, Shahjahan has come forward and played his role as a skilled organizer. He has never compromised with the question of morality.

He has helped dispel the political unrest and ensured a political coexistence among all walks of life irrespective of political ideals. Thus he has become an ideal political leader in Sandwip. He is a close companion of Sandwipees in weal and woe. He has enlightened Sandwip with his long political experiences, honesty and sincerity. He has brought in a radical change in Sandwip by dint of his wisdom and hard work. He has set a new trend in politics and society.


Now no political conflicts prevail in Sandwip. There remain no political anarchy, conflicts and ill news in Sandwip. Now Sandwip has become a place of peace and harmony. If this trend continues, Sandwip will gain a new identity as a model of peace in the minds of people of other regions in Bangladesh.