Mercantile Bank Limited Declares 10% Cash Dividend


The 16th Annual General Meeting of Mercantile Bank Limited was held at Bashundhara Convention Center, Dhaka on May 24, 2015 in presence of a large number of Share Holders of the Bank. The Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet as on December 31, 2014 and 10% Cash Dividend has been approved by the Share Holders. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Morshed Alam, M.P. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercantile Bank Limited.

The Chairman in his speech mentioned that, the success of the Bank in the year 2014 is the result of co-operation and support of its shareholders, clients, Central Bank and other regulatory bodies and he thanked the Board of Directors and the management for their collective effort towards the achievement of the Bank. He mentioned that the Bank is emphasizing on Agriculture, Women entrepreneurs and SME sector intimate with the policy of the Government and Central Bank to strengthen the economy of the country. He expected his firm believe that, Mercantile Bank Limited will be able to face the challenges of 21st century by developing the quality of its services and human resources and implementing use of highest technology and managing risks.

Mr. A. S. M. Feroz Alam – Vice Chairman, Mr. M. S. Ahsan – Vice Chairman, Mr. Al-Haj Akram Hussain (Humayun) –Chairman- Executive Committee, Dr. Mahmood Osman Imam – Chairman- Audit Committee, Mr. Md. Shahabuddin Alam -Chairman, Risk Management Committee; Directors- Mr. Md. Anwarul Haque, Mr. M. Amanullah, Mr. Md. Abdul Hannan, Mr. Mohd. Selim, Mr. A.K.M. Shaheed Reza and Al-Haj Mosharref Hossain, Sponsors Mr. S. M. Shafiqul Islam (Mamun), Sponsor Shareholder and Mr. M A Khan Belal, Bank’s Managing Director & CEO Mr. M Ehsanul Haque, Additional Managing Director Mr. Monindra Kumar Nath, Deputy Managing Directors Mr. Md. Quamrul Islam Chowdhury, Mr. Mohammad Masoom, Mr. Mati-Ul-Hasan and Mr. Mohammad Ismail were present.

Mr. M Ehsanul Haque, Managing Director and CEO delivered the welcome address to the shareholders for attending the meeting. In his speech he described the activities of the bank in the year 2014 and presented the future planning for the year 2015.

On behalf of the Shareholders few persons also delivered their speeches in the meeting.