Mr. Md. Shahabuddin Alam elected Chairman of Risk Management Committee of Mercantile Bank Limited


Mr. Md. Shahabuddin Alam was born in a respectable educated Muslim Family of South Middle Halishahar, Chittagong. Md. Shahabuddin Alam assumed overall control of family business in the year 1988 after completion of his post-graduation degree.

Mr. Md. Shahabuddin Alam during the period of long 24 (twenty four) years, has successfully expanded his business networks primarily in oil refinery sector and then to other sectors of manufacturing, service as Chairman of all units under S.A Group of Industries.

The business of  his Group  covers a wide range of product-lines like Edible Oils / Milk & Milk Products /Tea/Salt/Ata, Maida & Suji/ Beverage as popular brand names of Muskan, Appayan, Goalini under Consumer Goods category, all types of paper produced in paper mills, which is  one of the biggest paper mills in the private sector and provides services such as Storage Tank Terminal /Real Estate / Silo of food grains etc.

The hon’ble Chairman of S.A Group of Industries is also engaged in multipurpose CSR activities of the country and has extended substantial contribution in this field.