National Bangla High School: An institution with a difference

National Bangla High School founded in 1966, was originally named Urdu medium School and was meant for imparting education to Urdu speaking children only as its name indicated. After the emergence of Bangladesh as a free state in 1971 that school was turned into what it is now creating great opportunities for the ordinary children of the locality to receive education at a low cost or no cost at all, said  Syed Nazim Uddin, M.A. (English), Dip in Ed, Headmaster, National Bangla High School, while talking to this correspondent of The Guardian.

In a newly born state with devastated economy the poor people become the worst sufferers. So, right from the beginning, the focus of the new management was on how to bring in the poorer section of the children to groom them as educated and enlightened so that they could find in their lives the freedom meaningful. Even today the institution has not lost its original motto and mission. Hence, one can easily find with the exception of a few, the majority of our students comprise those who have come from the have-nots class, he added.

Sometimes, there is a conflict between lack of resource and quality. The reputed and resourceful institutions have almost abolished full-free studentship. They march on with the blessings of the affluent society. But, to ensure free access of the penniless, every year we have to grant a huge number free studentship. At times we need to make compromisewith the quality. If we refuse them where will they go? In the capital city among millions there are few who want to give solace to the agonized.

However, we feel ourselves amply rewarded when many of our pupils come of with flying colors in both academic career and real life. A good number of them rose to the peak off success. The name that crosses my mind right now is our M.P. Md. Aslamul Haque, M.P. Alhaj Mr. Ilius Uddin Mollah and Mr Eklas Uddin Mollah are also ex-students of this school. A few days back, I was on my way to school, a smart young man greeted me and on my query said that having passed from our school, he was a trainee air force pilot then. In the midst of all, odds an instant like this always seems to me ” a sliver lining in the dark horizon,” he mentioned.

This year our success in the SSC exam is slightly over 94%. The results could have been much better had it not been for an unwanted writ that clouded our sky for the last three years. Thanks for the timely intervention of Mr. Aslamul Haque M.P. who really did yeoman’s service for the cause of putting the school onto the right track again. Prior to my joining here in 2006,  I served as Headmaster at Murapara Pilot High School and also discharged similar responsibility at Maniza Rahman Girls School in Old Dhaka. But no where I found such challenging situation as I find it here, he further said.

In fine, I would like to say that NationalBanglaHigh School with its unique location and splendid panoramic view seeks sincere co-operation and concerted efforts of all for its uplift from its present roll-strength of one thousand and moderate performance in academic result, he concluded.

He also thanks The Guardian, the only development monthly magazine in Bangladesh, to give him a scope to focus on NationalBanglaHigh School and thus making NationalBanglaHigh School recognized at home and abroad.