NTL: A company profile

--Pranjit Paul


National Tubes Limited was established in the private sector in 1964. It was nationalised and placed under BSEC in 1972. The enterprise was transformed into a public limited company in 1989 by off-loading 49 percent shares to the general public. The company is now managed by a Board of Directors consisting nine members (8 directors & chairman). The factory is situated on the Dhaka-Mymensing highway on 14.31 acre land at 131-142 Tongi Industrial Area-20 km  north of the capital city. The total manpower is now 296. The factory consists of 3 units. The first unit with 6000 metric tons per year welding capacity was established in 1964 and abandoned in 1993 due to exhaustion of its useful life. The second unit with product range-1/2 inch. to 4 inch. dia was established in 1980 has welding capacity of 9000 metric tons. The third unit with product range-4 inch. to 8 inch. dia was established in 1982. The welding capacity of this unit is 30000 metric tons per year and the total WELDING capacity of both the operative units is 39000 metric tons per year.

We have our own high-tech physics and chemistry labs where we can conduct our own tests such as UT, hydraulic pressure, X-ray, erw steel pipe,api 5l pipe,carbon steel pipe,ERW pipe price etc.


To contribute to the well being of the nation by producing high quality import-substitute Gas/Oil line pipes according to the specifications (Spec. QI & 5L) of American Petroleum Institute (API) and water line pipes (GI) according to British Standard (BS – 1387 & BS-729) as an API Licensee and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We place Quality above all. We are firmly committed to all our stakeholders such as: our valued customers, our employees, our business associates, our fellow citizens and our valued shareholders.


Our visions for the future encompasses a presence in major market in Bangladesh. Building a unique enterprise reflecting utmost integrity, transparency and accountability at all levels and marketing, value-added products manufactured under an uncompromising quality program devoted to continuous improvements for customers satisfaction with modern technology, innovative vision and motivated workforce developed through strategic management of human resource and training. And achieve maximum satisfaction by providing customs with products that meet according their quality recruitment.

Products of NTL

National Tubes produces two types of steel pipes:


1. GENERAL PURPOSE MS AND GI PIPES (1/2 inch. to 8 inch. dia) are produced according to the British Standard BS-1387 and Bangladesh Standard BDS-1031:2006. Galvanizing is done according to the British Standard BS-729 which is equivalent to DIN-2444 and IS-4736. THE GI PIPES ARE USED FOR WATER SUPPLY AND IRRIGATION.

2. THE API PIPES (3/4 API to 8-5/8 API) are produced under the license from American Petroleum Institute (API). These pipes are produced strictly according to the requirements of API Spec. Q1 & 5L which correspond to the Grade A-53B of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) specification. The Major Buyer of the Entire Quantity of API Pipes are Gas Transmission & Distribution Companies of Petrobangla- i.e. Titas Gas, Bakhrabad Gas, Jalalabad Gas, Pashchimanchal Gas, Sundarban Gas and Karnafhuli Gas Company Limited. API Pipes are used for Transmission & Distribution of Natural Gas & Oil.

NTL supply’s all kinds of pipes according to Gas sectors demand like Bakhrabad, Titas, Paschimanchal, Karnafuli Gas field etc. Besides these Dhaka wasa, fire service, different developers also purchases NTL pipes.

Company Feature at a Glance

w         Installed production Capacity: 39,000 Metric Ton per year.

w         Production Range : ½” to 8″ nominal dia pipes

w         Galvanizing Capacity: Maximum 8 Ton per hour.

w         Production process: Electric Resistance Welding (ERM) process, employing high frequency system is used for manufacturing the pipe. Pipes are galvanized by Hot Dip Galvanizing process.

w         Length of pipe: Black pipes up to 3″ nominal dia and all sizes of G.I. pipe are manufactured in 6.1 meter (20 ft) standard lengths with 10% of total supply in non-standard or short lengths. Black pipes of 4″ to 8″ nominal dia are manufactured in 12 meter (40ft) standard lengths with 10% of total supply in non-standard or short lengths.

w         End Finish: G.I. Pipes are taper threaded as per BS-21 Pipe thread Black pipes are plain ended  (bevelled).

w         Annealing: API line pipes are annealed as per prescribed requirements in continuous roller hearth type furnace.

i) Development of human resource

To increase professional efficiency sound health, safety handling of tools NTL trained of its employees from phase to phase regularly. Employees are also send to participate many short course training programmed in different training institute.

ii) Social Activities

To inspire learning NTL gives scholarship to employee’s children from junior to higher level of education.

iii) National Activities

National Tubes Ltd plays an important role in National development paying huge amount of VAT, Tax & Duties to national exchequer in every year.