NTL: Management should follow the Theory-Y by Douglas McGregor for sustainable development

--Engr. Muhammad Ferdaus


National Tubes Limited (NTL) management has taken some initiatives according to horizontal diversification for acquiring/developing new products and offering new services that could appeal to the company´s current customer groups. In this case the company relies on sales and technological relations to the existing product lines.

There is no alternative to survive a company to expansion the product, service and real technology engagement. A company has to compete with worldwide product. So, new innovation, the best quality and service is the common issue of a company.

It would be implemented gradually for sustainable improvement but, why not to continue?  What is the actual drawback to implement?

In my experience and evaluation, total management system is not being practiced as per rules. As an employee may have lots of dissatisfaction, complaint, financial crisis and so on. As an employer/ management also may have lots of negative attitude to employee like not properly work, not timely duty, not skill, not smart and so on.

So, how quality product or service to be provided under this limitation.

Well popular Theory X and Theory Y are theories of human motivation created and developed by Douglas McGregor at the MIT Sloan School of Management in the 1960s that have been used in human resource management, organizational behaviour, organizational communication and organizational development. They describe two contrasting models of workforce motivation.

Summarized, Theory X – authoritarian, repressive style, tight control, no development, Produces limited, depressed culture and so on.

Where, Theory Y – liberating and developmental, control, achievement and continuous

improvement achieved by enabling, empowering and giving responsibility and so on.

So, management needs to change their attitude and adopt proper management for sustainable development.

NTL formed a cell named “Planning, Development and Implementation (PDI). Vision to work sustainable development. Management of NTL at the beginning takes some initiative, manufacturing of gas line fittings like elbow, Tee socket, nipple, lock wing kock, regulator etc. NTL has enormous resources. These are big land, factory shed, gas, water, and skill manpower. Managing Director of NTL, basically a metallurgy engineer, one of the experts in Bangladesh. He got Master’s and PhD degree in metallurgy department of BUET. He believes that obeying the total quality management only the way of increasing productivity and service. He is directly looking after the PDI cell activity.

I am really proud to work with him. E-mail: ferdausduet@yahoo.com