NTL must forge its glory ahead

There is no dial of the fact that National Tubes Limited (NTL) is a unique industrial enterprise in Bangladesh. This enterprise was established in 1964 to contribute to the development of the nation by producing high quality import-substitute gas/oil line pipes as per the specifications based on American Petroleum Institute and water line pipes according to British Standard.

Since its inception NTL started working with its full potentials and remains committed to all of its stakeholders, especially to its customers, business associates, shareholders and, above all, to the people of Bangladesh.

As a unique enterprise, NTL reflects utmost integrity, transparency and accountability at all levels and its marketing products are manufactured under uncompromising quality.  The present management of the organization is committed to achieve continuous improvements for customers’ satisfaction with modern technology, innovative vision and motivated workforce through strategic management of human resource.

It is notable that the strategy of the company is to expand its production facilities and diversify its products to cater to the future needs of the country. Keeping this in view, the management also envisages introducing modern technology in production and quality control activity to fulfil the upcoming demand of the nation.

But, in Bangladesh, the public sector industrial enterprises are suffering financial constraints, shortages of manpower and efficient human resources, time-congenial policy, and liberty of work and value of expertise and so others. All these issues are common phenomena almost in all the public enterprises. As a result, public enterprises are today failing to compete with the private sector in most of the cases.

NTL has huge achievements and contribution to the nation’s development. But, this organization also has limitations to carry forward its new plans ahead. We urge the government, especially the concerned ministry to look into all the vital issues of developments and challenges of NTL, so that this enterprise can keep its glory untarnished and forge it ahead.