NTL: The quality control activities

--Md. Rafiqul Islam


National Tubes Limited (NTL) is a licensee of API and ISO 9001:2008. NTL comprises with Seven Departments.

Quality Control Department is one of them. Quality means to manufacture products as per specified standards or specification.

Quality Control Department has full fledge 2(two) lab. One is Physical and another is Chemical Lab Beside these it has an Inspection section for inspection Raw materials and pipe manufacturing processess.

Modern production technology employed in the factory ensures high quality products. Standard Quality Control Systems are followed for maintenance of proper quality. Some of the Quality Control Processes are as follows:


Chemical Analysis:  Chemical composition of steel strips used for manufacture of pipes and coating rates on galvanized pipes are determined in chemical lab.

Tensile Test: Strips specimen, Transverse specimen and Transverse weld specimen from pipe are tested in physical lab.

Weld Ductility Test: Pipe flattening test at 0° and 90° with weld seam and band test at 180° are performed in physical lab.

Dimension Check: Pipe diameter, roundness, wall thickness, weld bead, length bevel angle, root face threads etc,. are measured against specified standards.

Ultrasonic Test: Random inspection is done of produced pipes by portable Ultrasonic testing machine.

Metallographic Test: Specified metallographic test are performed as per API requirements.

Visual Inspection: cracks, scratches, roll marks, bends, dents, laminations etc. are checked visually by the inspection  personnel.

Conclusion:  Quality Control Department assures Quality products according to API & National Standards and committed to maintain it in any respect by producing pipes.