Overview of Bangabandhu Safari Park in Cox’s Bazar

--M. A. Khaleque Khan

Welcome To Safari Park

Bangabandhu Sheikh MujibSafari Park is the first Safari Park in Bangladesh. The nature of the forest is tropical evergreen and rich with Garjan, Boilam, Telsur and Chapalish along with herbs, shrubs and creepers. Safari Park is a declared protected area where the animals are kept in fairly large area with natural environment and visitors can easily see the animal when ever they visit by bus, jeep or on foot. This park was established on the basis of South Asian model.

Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary

Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary has been declared as MIKE site in the year 2002 for the protection of the Asian elephant (Elephus maximus) Understanding animal abundance distribution and movement patterns is very important aspect of wildlife management. IUCN, Bangladesh (2003) has conducted a survey and estimated 200-230 elephants. Dey (2003) conducted a group count survey and he estimated a total of maximum 420 and minimum 300 elephants including 70-80 migratory elephants in Bangladesh.

Facilities for Tourists

n          Information and Education Center

n          NatureInterpretation Center

n          NatureHistory Museum(animal and plant museum)

n          Open mooted large aviary

n          Display and guide map

n          LakeView

n          Primate House

n          Crocodile bank (Muggar, Estuarine Crocodile)

n          Turtle and tortoise conservation center

n          Cat House

n          Elephant riding

n          Hiking through deep forest

n          Orchid house

n          Rescue center and veterinary hospital

n          Eco-tourism facilities like watch tower, golghar,  rest house and cottage

n          Observation tower,

n          Special protected minibus

n          0.5 km Board walk through deep forest

n          Refreshment corner and gift shop.

n          Large water body for migratory bird.

n          Visit to  tiger, elephant and lion enclosure.

n          Reptile park Rock phonsion and several species of snakes

n          Open mooted Bear  and Binturong enclosure

n          Sumbar Deer, Spotted Deer, Hog Deer, Goral and  Barking Deer enclosure etc.

n          Hippopotamus enclosure

n          African Safari

n          Park model, canteen

n          Attractive model and mural.

Nature History Of Museum

Adjacent to the park information center a nature history museum has been developed. It is the combination of plant and animal museum. In the plant museum about 2000 plant herbarium sheets has been collected for display with computerized data. Similarly about 3050 animal stuffs including vertebrate and invertebrate have been collected for display with a computerized  data.


A canopy cover aviary with a 150 meter length, 75 meter breadth   and 20 meter height was established in the central part of the park. There are several water bodies, foot trails, foot bridges, bird nests and different type of trees in side the aviary. About 1000 beautiful  birds of 120 species are available in the aviary.

Crocodile Bank

All three species of crocodile in Bangladesh are endangered.  At the north-western side of the park adjacent to the lake, a crocodile bank has been established with in an area of 5.0 hacters. In the crocodile bank there are 37 Marsh 16 Crocodile (Mugger), 21 Estuarine Crocodile and have been realized for conservation and breeding program.

Lion Safari

A Lion Safari has been established within an area of 40.0 hacters at the south-estern part of the park. Five Lions have been released for public show. Tourist can enjoy the lion safari with safari buses.

Tiger Safari

A Tiger  Safari has been established within an area of 60.0 hacters at the south-western part of the park. Three tigers have been released for public show. Tourist can enjoy the tiger safari with safari buses .

Deer Safari

A Deer  Safari has been established within an area of 100.0 Hac. at the center of the  part. There are about 200 Spotted Deer, 20 sambar 150 Barking Deer, 35 Sambars,2 Goyal, 1Goral, and 5 Hog Deer have been released for public show. Tourist can enjoy the Deer Safari with Safari buses .

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari has been established within an area of 150.0 hacters at the northern side of the park. There are 4 elephants are available for riding.  Beside this, tourist can enjoy the Wild Elephant with Safari buses .

African Safari

African Safari has been established within an area of 100.0 hacters at the southern side of the park. In this Safari  3 Wildbeast and 4 Hippopotamus have been released. Tourist can enjoy the African  Safari  with buses .

M. A. Khaleque Khan, Divisional Forest Officer, Wildlife Managment and Nature Conservation Division, Chittagong.