Md. Shah Alam Chowdhury, Director (Zone-5), RAJUK

RAJUK and development control of Dhaka city-some reflections, observations and suggestions

Md. Shah Alam Chowdhury Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) is the custodian of Dhaka`s planning, development and development control. Development Control is one out of three roles of RAJUK. It is…

A. S. M. Raihanul Ferdous
Chief Engineer and Project Director
Uttara Apartment Project, RAJUK

RAJUK: The Uttara Apartment Project

Dhaka Metropolitan city, the capital city of Bangladesh is the busiest and densely populated city. There is shortage of dwelling places for mass people, due to abnormal high cost of…

Engr. Ujjwal Mallick
Additional Project Direcor
Purbachal New Town Project RAJUK

RAJUK: Purbachal New Town Project

Dhaka experienced tremendous growth during the period 1980-2000. In a matter of quarter of a century, the population grew by 5 million, almost 2,00,000 a year. This led to sprawling…

Engr. M. Saidur Rahman
Project Director
Madani Avenue Ext, RAJUK

RAJUK: Extension of madani avenue project

In Dhaka city Inadequacy of road network has been observed for a couple of decades. Considering the fact, a few road networks were planned in 1985-1988. Although there was a…

Kauser Mallik

RAJUK: System of financial management and contribution to national exchequer

Rajdhani Unnayan Kartri-pakkha a service oriented statutory body under the Ministry of Housing and Public works, Govt. of Bangladesh was created as per provision of the Town Improvement Act of…

Md. Ashraf Ali Akhand
Town Planner (Plan Preparation)

Land use of Dhaka metropolitan development plan area: Past and present scenario

Dhaka is the capital of the country located in a strategically central geographical position that accommodates about 10% of the nation’s population. Dhaka is the most industrialized region accommodating the…

Ar. Shabab Raihan Kabir
B. Arch (Buet), M. Arch (Buet), Miab K-072
Asst Chief Architect, Department Of Architecture, Ministry Of Housing And Public Works

Organic architectonic system and quantitative indicator of open space situation in urban progression of Dhaka

In the history of human civilization, more than half of the world’s population was living in cities in very recent years. The urban population will get in touch with 5…


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India ‘corruption’ building to be razed

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Trump speech delayed by protesters in California

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