Free soda: France bans unlimited sugary drink refills

Restaurants and other spaces catering to the public in France have been banned from offering unlimited sugary drinks in an effort to reduce obesity. It is now illegal to sell…


Claim made for hydrogen ‘wonder material’

Scientists in the US say they have at last managed to turn hydrogen into a state where it behaves like a metal. If that is true – and it is…

A group of paediatricians has called for smart health-trackers, designed to monitor babies while they sleep, to be regulated by the same US body that oversees other medical equipment.

Smart baby-trackers mostly unnecessary, say US doctors

The monitors, which often take the form of sensors fitted to clothing or nappies, measure signs such as heart rate and breathing during sleep. The data is shared with a…


Theresa May holding talks at White House with Donald Trump

Prime Minister Theresa May has arrived at the White House for talks with US President Donald Trump. They posed for photographs in front of a bust of Sir Winston Churchill…

Rifat Ara Begum

No third world war

I see the destruction,, Not victory. I see deadbody,, only deprivation. I feel frail,, No modesty. All dreams fragile,, Only nasty. At the time of bloody history,, Make an awful…

Focus on FIMA Activites

Abul Hashem Editor The Guardian The Financial Management Academy, well-known in its abbreviated name FIMA, passed over a long traversed way to come to its today’s position of success and…

The Director General is giving interview to The Guardian Reporter Ariful Islam.

FIMA contributing to establishing good governance in all spheres of economic and financial activities in Bangladesh

The history of Financial Management Academy (FIMA) dates back to early sixties when in erstwhile East Pakistan, Audit and Accounts Training Centre was established in 1962 for the training of…

Farmeen Mowla
Director (Training)
Financial Management Academy

FIMA: Developing capacity of public financial management in Bangladesh

FIMA is the primary institute in Bangladesh that specializes in developing capacity in public financial management and governance of the public sector. But during its inception, the role of this…

Md. Emrul Kayes Khan
Director, Admin
Financial Management Academy

FIMA: A center of excellence as training academy on public financial management

Financial Management Academy (FIMA), premier training academy of the office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of Bangladesh, has now been emerged and regimented nationwide as a center of excellence…

Md. Abdul Wadud
Deputy Director
Financial Management Academy

Why other organizations will come FIMA for training

Financial Management Academy (FIMA) is the unique training institute in Bangladesh which provide comprehensive training in public financial sector. Earlier its function was confined in Audit and Accounts department. After…