Poems of Dr. Md. Shahidullah

The last wish to Bangladesh soil


Adieu, adieu, thou great Bangladesh;

Dipped thou art, in our ‘Heart in mesh’-

Let me buried in thy soil fresh.


My life echoed in the ‘Cadence-tone’;

Leave me in thy graves alone-

Farewell the ‘Sweet-heart’that’s thy own!


Won’t I be able to roam on thy field?

0, my mother, ‘Love jewel’ thou yield-

As Bangladesh! – hath her safety shield!


Graves under and graves above toils;

All hath Bangla’s sacred soils-

‘Conditioned air’ there, no ice, no foils.


Bury me too; thy heart’s near;

Leave me there, for nobody sheds tear-

I kiss thy soil, as long as there!


0, my Bangla, wish I thou well;

Bid me, last of all – farewell-

Farewell, farewell, and farewell.


I wish my country, and my land;

Shelter me thy ‘Warmest hand’-

Let people walk above ‘Hand in hand’.


Bury me under thy ‘Peaceful sand’;

Adieu, adieu, my ‘Native land’!!



The Soliloquy of Soul



O, thou the ‘Marble-hearted fiend’

Aren’t thou me, to grind and grind?

Having me, thy with stormy-wind

Jewels had thou, I tried to find.


‘Sweet-hearted’ thou art, so and though—

Over all its grandeur, known to know,

I bend my ‘Face and head’ to bow

All before, to thy vanity-show!


When windy-storm, does roar and call,

Torrential rain, does-fall and fall,

Amidst the heavy clouds, around those all,

Memories all, become long and tall?


When thou hath ‘Addresses’ fierce,

Like the contraband and to the hearse,

Often then I shed my ‘Pouring tears’,

To get one as my ‘Darling dears’.


Grind and grind me all day-long,

Thou have hath, become utterly song,

I commit thee, not to make again wrong,

Would I then be, harsh and strong?


‘Forget and forgive’ as days goes on,

Aren’t thou happy, yet you’ve shown,

Bend my bow again, till there’s dawn,

Banish events quickly, don’t show thy frown!!


The poet is Ex-Deputy Civil Surgun, Rajshahi.