Professionals create opportunities for nation’s development

--Professor Dr. S M Nazrul Islam


Professionals create avenues for innovation and creation. They create opportunities for nation’s development. Utilization of these opportunities makes the development wheel roll. In that sense, technology advancement goes to an extreme high but its use in Bangladesh is thin. Professionals and scientists opine that technology is vital for development. The fresh professional graduates are expected to shoulder the responsibility of technology utilization.

The role of democratic government is important for financial emancipation. The utilization of resources shall be made appropriate. For that purpose science and technology policy needs planning effectively. Technology centres are to be established in every district. The activity of the centres shall be directed by national research council. Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Industry shall be proactive for installing technology research. The merits of young researchers shall be invested in technology work. Even within limited resources they can perform creative activities. Resources are limited, but merits are unlimited. The professionals who are graduating today possess unlimited merits. It needs only sharpening through technological methods. The government with the universities can establish technological research centres. Continuation of research activities shall create new researchers. They can take the leadership for advancing economical progress forming the development network. Recent loss due to political turmoil can only be recovered by using merits of the talents. Over all, the merits of the talents are to be utilised for emancipating economy to form golden Bangladesh.

The education system does not operate in vacuum. The education policy-2010 gives a direction and infrastructure. The government policy guide universities, institutions, industries along with other organs of the government.

Most of the education institutions rely on the financial support and policy of the government. Given the limited resources, very little is allocated to promote quality education. The government policy also dictates the focus of industrial growth. Knowing the near term and long term policy, entrepreneurs can work to produce technically skilled professionals. Skilled professional workers dominate the economic growth of a nation. The number of skilled workers in Bangladesh is about one in one thousand whereas it is about 15 in Brazil. For creating professional manpower a successful design of infrastructure is demanded. The design shall be such that industries, policy makers, educational institutions need coordination in the direction given by policy. Shortsighted vision shall be avoided because it constrains the growth of a nation. As a progressive nation we must seek the way to add value to global industry.  This is the way, professional education can help government generate revenue and export.

It is a saying that knowledge is money. Industries convert knowledge into money. Education institutions shall be made research-oriented to impart knowledge. The research workers will produce new technologies that will be used to generate sustainable products. The professionals take the initiatives to generate sustainable products. The life-cycle of technology is decreasing every day. New technology needs devising in a definite order to keep track of development. An example may be cited that after every one and a half year a new computer model comes in the Japanese market. On the other hand, technology makes equipment size smaller.

As example, size of a transistor of Intel-CPU is less than 22nm. The smaller equipment size makes system more efficient. Industries need updating with the creation of new technology. At the same time education institutes need updating their curricula and teaching methods.

The global economy runs on free market. The nation that creates quality product with minimum price gets market. It is possible if new technology is used to produce goods. The nation attains economical superiority if it can sell quality products and services at lesser price. So a progressive nation must use new technology in the field of science, agriculture, engineering and medicine. Applying technology to industries many developing countries are attaining powerful economy. India, Thailand, Singapore come under this class. But application of new technology in Bangladesh is not much favourite. In reality industry can play a big role in Bangladesh for economic development. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are much attracted by the investors. The education institutions, government and entrepreneurs shall have collaboration under a policy for establishing SME. This can accommodate increasing labour force in the country. Probably this can give a momentum to economic growth through industrializations.


For the professional graduates, there is no shortcut way to succeed in professional career. It demands a high sense of responsibility, dedication and commitment. In order to succeed in the competitive professions, they need to have a clear vision, goal and pursuits. Graduates have earned adequate knowledge to translate their personalities into success-oriented committed individuals. I wish they would earn pride not only for themselves but also for the nation. Americans say to professors, “Give something to the nation or perish”. But I urge graduates, “Give something to the nation, and something to us.” I believe that will make a graduate a perfect man.

Professional graduates might know success comes if one can focus on the goal. To achieve the goal, none should allow diversion to distract ones. I urge the graduates to focus on a single vision that can make Bangladesh an economic superpower. I am convinced that this goal is realizable during the life time of a graduate and for that to pursue this vision with commitment, conviction and honesty. I am sure a graduate can make this dream a reality. A graduate has earned the degree, but it is just the beginning of a new era in his life. Bachelor degree, master degree or a doctorate degree is just the start in the world of wisdom and knowledge. I believe graduates are well equipped to proceed to their future career. Acquiring of a certificate is not enough, but the most important matter is application of knowledge in the work field

Research is the backbone of economy. The new knowledge earned through research contributes much to economic development. Recently the political turmoil created a colossal loss in agriculture, garments and transport sectors. As a result, the economic growth may go below 6%. The empirical research is necessary to halt the downward motion of GDP. It is professional graduates’ turn to identify the ways for saving the economy. As a result the business groups, entrepreneurs and the country as a whole will be benefitted. Professional graduates’ position in the profession will be cemented through research and continuing professional education. The world is changing fast; professional graduates should keep pace with such advancement.


This would be a great opportunity to face the global market needs. I hope they would think of it and act locally and globally accordingly.

I hope professional graduates will always bear in mind their fellow countrymen who are not fortunate enough to reach a position like them. I urge the professional graduates no to ignore the countrymen and always be good to their services, so that the acquired knowledge be meaningful and goes to the welfare of the common people.

In conclusion, I wish professional graduates’ boldness, honesty and perfection in the society and in profession. May Allah help them in the race of their career. I pray for their peaceful and enjoyable life.

This article is published from the excerpts of  the convocation speech delivered by the writer in the ICMAB Convocation-2013 after necessary editing.