An example

Public institutions can be profitable by honesty, sincerity and cordiality: BIWTC is an example

The efforts of sincerity and whole heartedness can earn lot of gains not only to the government institutions but also to all other institutions. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC) is the first one of among all those.

BIWTC has gained a position of the most profitable institutions since 2001. In the early hours of the current fiscal year the institution has earned Tk. 31 crore and 26 lacs while in February, 2011 to July BIWTC earned Tk. 9 crore and 51 lacs only. With the direct initiative and cooperation of Md. Shahjahan Khan, the Hon’ble Minister of Shipping of the Government of Mahajote and by the effort of whole heartedness of BIWTC, the maintenance of rule and discipline, protection of ill spending of money, yielding of varieties, of much and such all services have been developed. And there by there is possible to earn Tk. 25 crore 75 lacs as an extra profit during the last nine months.

At present BIWTC has been known as a printable Industrial institution for the service of the nation. Behind this all round development there have been heartfelt cooperation of the Hon’ble Minister of Shipping, co-operation of officers, employees and effective administration of BIWTC.

Upon inquiry of the official records, ledger file, letter etc. and from some other materials it has been found that ill spending of money, misuse of power, personal favoritism nepotism all are the roots of all losses and bad names. Two costal passenger carrier ships MV Abdul Matin and MV Monirul Huq have been repaired at the cost of Tk.18 crore and 12 lacs for transportation of the river way through the costal route of Chittagong, Hatia and Sandwip.

Four sea-Trucks and infrastructure for cyclone- “SIDR” affected, have been erected at the cost of Tk. 9 crore and one lacs.

One Ro-Ro Ferry, one Ro-Ro Pontoon, one Utility Pontoon have been built at the cost of Tk. 2 crore and 48 lacs. By the own finance of BIWTC, two k-type Ferry at the cost of Tk. 16.46 crore and also at the cost of Tk. 13.79 crore two utility type Ferry and two Pontoon have been built up.

Three Ro-Ro Ferries, two k-type Ferries, six platoons have been rehabilitated at the cost of Tk. 40.89 crore. At the cost of Tk. 7 crore fore nqs wreckers have been procured for the development of water way through Paturia and Daulatdia, Mawa and Charjanajat.

Hon’ble Minister of Shipping Md. Shahjahan Khan, MP the architect of waterbus has directed the BIWTC to build waterbus as per as quickly in order to reduce Road-Jam in the city of Dhaka, eradication of environmental pollution and to establish a well run administration.

By the directions of the Hon’ble Minister, at the cost of Tk. one crore and 12 lacs two water buses Turag and Buriganga have been engaged through the water way encircling the city of Dhaka.

As like as that of the Road way, in the riverine Bangladesh through the short and long water route, also the Hon’ble Minister has taken his own kind initiative to maintain water bus service.

At the shortest possible time the work for building four ships to carry Containers will be started with the special initiative of the Hon’ble Minister, each of these ships will carry 134 containers in the water way through Chittagong to Dhaka. Besides these, project for rehabilitation of “Bir Srestha Jahangir” and “Language martyrdom Barkat” under BIWTC has been taken for implementation by using BIWTC’s own fund.

Upon approving of the revised DPP-plan two more K-type Ferry will be built. BIWTC always delivers information about the kind of development works to Officers and employees.

The misuse of spending Oil expenditure in ferry and shipping sector has been stopped and solved by the command of the Hon’ble Minister. If new record being established then in the fiscal year of July’ 12 to February’ 2013 it will be earned the net income of Tk. 621 crore which is more than that of the prior fiscal year. Excluding  these also as an Eid Special in the last Eid occasion 83 thousand and 138 passenger carrier have served up and down by 5 ferry sector BIWTC, and out of this Tk. 7 crore and 3 lacs has been earned which is a new record in history.

The works for building residential house and commercial Enterprises has been built at various places including Narayanganj under the supervision of BIWTC. Actually BIWTC is a great institution for social service with a view to improve its great responsibility before the holy Eid-ul-Fitre of this year, two k-type ferry will be engaged by the month of July, and in the meantime which is under construction.

Four ferry of improved quality will start servicing before the holy Eid-ul-Ajaha. The service of all these water ways will help face the problems of water ways through Paturia, Mawa, Bhola and Lakimpur. In order to render more improved service for the general passengers works for building two Ships will be completed within October, 2013. To reduce traffic jam in the city of Dhaka, construction of 4 waters buses  has been already completed building 4 water buses each having the capacity of 81 passengers and the order have been also passed seeking the building of 4 water buses.

To bring about dynamic administrative management in the institution of BIWTC works has been already begun. To carry on functioning well, in the mean time 461 officers and employees have been appointed and more other appointments have there been in the process.

In order to materialize the dream of Digital Bangladesh Vision-2021 of the Mohajote Government, the main office “LAN of BIWTC has been made running, along with in-house computer training and Desktop and Laptop computers have been distributed among the officers. To bring in practice processing for E-Ticketing system has been undertaken. And as many as 40 ships including Ferry and passenger carrying ships VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) has been introduced. As a result of which computer for information service and action and reaction against accident (if any) will be possible. The running of Ferry service from Bahadurbad to Balashe ghat has been under way of construction. And thereby for all these development and construction processing, all credit goes to the Hon’ble Minister of Shipping Md. Shahjahan Khan and I am seemly a servant to discharge my noble job, in the capacity of the Chairman of BIWTC.